Sponsorship and Exhibitor Opportunities
The 2019 Annual Meeting will be the 10th annual conference of NAATBatt International, the trade association of companies developing, manufacturing, selling and using advanced battery technologies in North America.

The NAATBatt Annual Meeting is not a trade show.  It is a conference that brings together top executives to hear about the latest trends in the technology and business of electrochemical energy storage and to do deals.   

This year’s NAATBatt 2019 program will focus on the markets for advanced battery technology in North America.  As in past years, NAATBatt will invite the leading market analysts in the world to report on trends in the markets for electric vehicle, stationary energy storage, industrial, military and consumer batteries in North America.  The impact of recently enacted U.S. tariffs on the battery market and on domestic battery manufacturing will be covered. NAATBatt’s Chief Science Officer and Chief Technology Officer will make their much anticipated annual addresses predicting how changes in the technology of batteries are likely to impact the business of selling stored electrical energy.

As in past years, the program will include a discussion of the energy materials markets, examining pricing trends, their likely impact on battery demand, and the possible impact of lithium-ion battery recycling on those prices.  The state of lithium-sulfur technology, the most likely successor to lithium-ion technology, will be examined and the timing of its arrival in the market and its impact on energy materials demand will be assessed.

On the stationary energy storage side, the battle for market share between lithium-ion technology and other battery technologies, such as lead, zinc and vanadium, will be covered in detail.  The program will include a fascinating look at how managing the charging of electric vehicles might be used to supplement or even replace stationary energy storage technology on the grid. What will the impact of that technology be on the stationary energy storage market?  You have to attend to find out.

The NAATBatt annual meeting also features the Energy Storage Innovation Summit, a series of juried presentations by early-stage companies developing new electrochemical energy storage technologies, and short presentations by every NAATBatt member firm about its most promising product offerings for 2019.

Finally, and very importantly, the NAATBatt annual meeting will include the traditional golf and tennis tournaments supplemented this year with a race car driving event.  There is no better way than NAATBatt 2019 to meet and develop relationships with the movers and shakers in the North American advanced battery industry. Don’t miss it!