To promote the commercial interests of our members by supporting developments in the science of and markets for advanced electrochemical energy storage technology consistent with the goals of enhancing energy efficiency, reducing petroleum dependence and enabling carbon-free electricity generation.

Specific Objectives

  • To build relationships among companies engaged in advanced electrochemical energy storage for the purpose of enhancing commercial opportunities for all of our members.
  • To accelerate commercialization of emerging electrochemical energy storage technology by facilitating greater collaboration among private industry, research institutions and government laboratories.
  • To integrate electricity storage into the ecosystem of the power system.
  • To educate industry, consumers and financial markets about advanced electrochemical energy storage technology and its benefits.
  • To provide information to our members that promotes greater collaboration, market efficiency and profitability.
  • To facilitate the development of standards for electrochemical energy storage systems with a view to reducing the cost and enhancing the safety of such systems.
  • To advocate for public policies that increase market demand for┬ásystems incorporating advanced electrochemical energy storage technology.
  • To promote the recycling of and development of aftermarkets for advanced batteries and electrochemical energy storage systems.