December 16, 2016
Vol. 7, No. 51

NAATBatt Member News

nb2Speaker presentations from the NAATBatt Advanced Battery Recycling Workshop held on November 30, 2016, are now available to all NAATBatt members on the NAATBatt website at:   NAATBatt members may obtain speaker presentations from all NAATBatt conferences and workshops by going to the Resource Center section of the NAATBatt website.

The NAATBatt 2017 Annual Meeting & Conference will be held on March 14-16, 2017 at The Wigwam in Litchfield Park (Phoenix), Arizona. The 2017 annual program will include many of the 2017 Annual Meeting Banner Logo (official)features that have made past annual meetings so popular: surveys of the advanced battery market, the advanced battery innovation summit, analysis of M&A, venture and IP activity related to advanced batteries, member update presentations, the golf and tennis tournament, and the best networking in the industry. Members and non-members are welcome. For more details, click here. Delegates, exhibitors and NAATBatt members are urged to make their hotel reservations soon, as the hotel block is expected to fill quickly at this remarkable venue.

NAATBatt International is looking for companies to make presentations about new advanced battery and energy storage technologies available for immediate license or purchase at the next NAATBatt annual meeting.  The NAATBatt 2017 Annual Meeting will be held on March 15, 2017, in Litchfield Park, AZ.  The presentations are designed to give NAATBatt members a “first look” at new, market-ready storage technology and to help smaller, emerging companies build relationships with more established companies in the battery industry. Please read the “Solicitation for Presentations” in the Members Announcements and Advertisements section at the end of this newsletter.  Proposals are due on or before December 31, 2016.

logo-for-abc-patentedge-2The Advanced Battery & Capacitor PatentEdge Report for 2Q 2016 is available to NAATBatt members on the “Publications” page of the NAATBatt website.  The ABC PatentEdge quarterly reports are a valuable benefit of NAATBatt membership.  The reports summarize patent filings around the world related to advanced battery and ultracapacitor technology. The summaries provide a keen and unbiased insight into where advanced electrochemical energy storage technology is going and where the biggest and best known companies in the industry are really making their bets.  The reports are prepared under contract with NAATBatt by IP Checkups of Berkeley, CA.


The next NAATBatt sponsored conference event will be the Electric & Hybrid Marine World Expo 2017 on January 16-18, 2017, in Tampa, Florida.  At NAATBatt sponsored conference events, NAATBatt members may use the NAATBatt booth at the sponsored conference to highlight and display their own literature, samples and information. Contact Jim Greenberger if your company has an interest in participating. Use your NAATBatt membership to leverage your marketing program. Don’t miss this important benefit of NAATBatt membership.  

For more information on the Expo,  see the Member Advertising and Announcements section at the end of this newsletter or Click Here.


NAATBatt members interested in publishing press releases or news items about developments at their companies  in this section of the newsletter should send their releases or items by e-mail to Vivian Yu of NAATBatt before Friday of each week.


Advanced Battery Industry News

Volkswagen Group has taken a stake in Hubject GmbH, which is developing a standard method to map and pay at charging stations. The company joins BMW Group, Robert Bosch, Daimler, Siemens, EnBW and Innogy among Hubject owners. The group is focused on the digital interconnection of charging stations for EVs along with expansion and internationalization.  (Source: Volkswagen and Reuters)

Dongfeng Honda Automobile (a Honda joint venture (JV) in China) announced plans to build a 3rd automobile production plant in China. The JV plans to build the 3rd plant located southeast of the company’s 1st plant within the Wuhan Economic & Technological Development District. The plant will be designed with a concept to accommodate production of electric vehicles (EVs) and is scheduled to become operational in 1H19 with annual production capacity of 120,000 units.  (Source: Honda)

The European Commission has fined Sony, Panasonic and Sanyo Electric a total of €166 million ($176 million) for collusion on the pricing of rechargeable lithium-ion (li-ion) batteries. The companies had formed a price-fixing cartel together with Samsung SDI between February 2004 and November 2007. Sony received a fine of €29.8 million ($31.8 million), Panasonic €38.9 million ($40.5 million) and Sanyo €97.1 million ($101.2 million).  (Source: The Japan Times)

Sandia National Laboratories has signed a Cooperative Research and Development Agreement (CRADA) with the government of Singapore Energy Market Authority (EMA). Under the four-year agreement Sandia will work with Singapore EMA to establish and evaluate up to three energy storage system (ESS) test-beds at existing electrical substations with different energy-storage technologies: li-ion, flywheels and flow batteries. Through the CRADA, Sandia will assess the economic case for ESS and offer guidance on the policy and regulatory frameworks that EMA needs to introduce energy storage into Singapore’s electricity market.  (Source Sandia National Labs)

Proterra announced that Pioneer Valley Transit Authority (PVTA) has purchased three 40′ Catalyst FC electric buses (ebuses), two fast chargers and one depot charger. PVTA is the regional transit authority in Massachusetts and serves 24 member communities that rely upon its fleet of 186 mass transit buses, Proterra ebuses have completed over 2.6 million miles of revenue service and displaced more than 540,000 gallons of diesel.  (Source: Proterra)

Ambri announced it has completed the first testing period of its fully-functioning in-lab “Beta Core” energy storage system, which provides 20 kilowatt-hours (kWh) of energy storage with a peak capacity of 6 kW and contains 432 cells. The company assembled its Beta Core after completing a major redesign and robust testing of its high temperature seal for the Liquid Metal Battery cell, which had been a cause for commercialization delays in the fall of 2015. The company is now focusing on its initial commercial system, which will be available for testing in 2017 and will have over 500 kWh per ten foot container.  (Source: Ambri)

Innogy has formed a unit called ‘eMobility’ focusing on EV activities. The business will launch at the start of January. The company will be interested in supplying charging stations to the group of carmakers (Volkswagen, Daimler, BMW and Ford) that recently announced they would cooperate to boost the use of EVs.  (Source: Reuters)

Hulikkal (India) recently launched a range of electric cycles (ecycles) that are powered by li-ion batteries. The cycles can travel up to 30 kilometers (kms) (or 19 miles) on a single charge and take about 90 minutes to recharge. The ecycle’s battery has a life of 30,000kms (18,641 miles) and can last up to 5 years.  (Source: The Deccan Chronicle)

Maxwell Technologies announced its Generator Starting Solutions (GSS) product line, which helps start commercial and industrial standby and backup generators (gensets). The product line consists of BCI group 31 form factor modules that are installed with or in place of batteries for starting standby and backup generators in commercial and industrial buildings. They provide starting power to gensets ranging from 50 kW to 3.5 MW.  (Source: Maxwell Technologies)

American Electric Power is planning to install 250 charging station throughout Columbus (Ohio) in addition to 1,000 stations in residential areas as part of the ‘Smart Columbus’ initiative. The company and city officials are also considering adding EVs to their fleets. It’s yet to be determined when the stations will be built, and exactly how much they will cost.  (Source: WOSU)

Nottingham’s (UK) two bus-based Park & Ride sites – at Nottingham Racecourse and Queens Drive – will see their services turn electric from January following an investment of £3.2million (~$3.3 million). Thirteen ebuses from BYD will be added to the 45 already in service. The investment has principally come from Department for Transport’s Green Bus Funding Round and the City Council’s Workplace Parking Levy.  (Source: West Bridgeford Wire)

Researchers at the Ulsan National Institute of Science and Technology (South Korea) have developed an anode material that could provide lighter and longer-lasting li-ion batteries that are used in personal devices and EVs. The hybrid anode uses a silicon-nanolayer-embedded graphite/carbon that enables compatibility between silicon and natural graphite. It also addresses the issues of severe side reactions caused by structural failure of crumbled graphite dust and uncombined residue of silicon particles by conventional mechanical milling.  (Source: Phys Org)


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