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Use User Fees to Fund Vehicle Electrification

The principal barrier to the development of electric drive in the United States is not technology, it is finance.  American scientists and auto companies invented the modern electric vehicle.  But in the race to deploy electric vehicles and manufacture the lithium-ion batteries that power them, the United States lags behind.

According to Bloomberg New Energy Finance, […]

The Evolution of the Electric Car

About 10 years ago, I was sitting in a not very impressive conference room at Tesla Motors in Freemont, California.  I was making my rounds of the major battery companies in the United States to explain to them the idea behind NAATBatt.  Tesla had just started, or was about to start, the production of its […]

Zinc Battery Workshop Examines a Possible Competitor to Lithium-ion Technology

The NAATBatt Workshop on Zinc Battery Technology in New York City concluded on Friday, November 16.  Informal reviews from among the 100+ attendees indicate that it might have been NAATBatt’s best program yet.  Significantly, the Workshop was the first program that NAATBatt has ever sold out in its 10-year history.  That should tell you something, […]

Workshop on Zinc-Based Batteries to Explore An Alternative to Lithium-Ion Technology

On Friday, November 16, NAATBatt International, in partnership with Sandia National Laboratories and Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, will hold a special Workshop on Zinc Battery Technology in Stationary Energy Storage Applications.

The main purpose of the workshop is to highlight the potential of another offshoot of advanced battery technology—zinc-based battery technology—that has been overlooked by many […]

Fire Drill! Battery Industry Dodges a Bullet in Proposed Changes to the International Fire Code

Last weekend, the advanced battery and electric drive industries dodged a bullet in Columbus, Ohio when a proposed amendment to the International Fire Code, F18-18, was not immediately approved.  F18-18 will, however, soon be reconsidered.  Public comments on F18-18 are due to the International Code Commission by July 16, 2018.

F18-18 takes aim at “Used and […]

The 2017 Advanced Battery & Capacitor PatentEdge© Report is Now Available

I am pleased to announce that the Advanced Battery & Capacitor PatentEdge© report for 2017 has now been posted.

The ABC PatentEdge© report, produced by IP Checkups in cooperation with NAATBatt, summarizes worldwide patent filings for inventions relating to advanced battery and capacitor technology.

The 2017 report documents a modest rise in the number of patents filed […]

Advanced Battery Systems 101 Course Is a Great Success

Last year, the board of directors of NAATBatt International decided that, in furtherance of its organizational mission to promote advanced battery manufacturing in North America, NAATBatt would offer a series of courses to provide executives new to the industry and others interested in batteries with a basic primer on battery technology.  The initial course, titled […]

NAATBatt Offers the First General Battery Education Course for the Advanced Battery Industry

Next month NAATBatt will launch the first in what it hopes will be a series of education programs for persons new to the battery industry or just interested in learning more about advanced battery technology.  As the popularity of advanced battery technology has grown over the past few years, more newcomers are entering the industry than […]

NAATBatt Revises Its Mission

NAATBatt International has a storied history.  Founded in 2007 as a manufacturing cooperative dedicated to ensuring that the advanced lithium-ion batteries that power electric vehicles would be developed and manufactured in the United States, NAATBatt has evolved continuously in order to stay relevant to the battery industry and to provide the best value to its members. […]

Trump, the Paris Accord and the Future of Renewable Energy In the United States

Yesterday, President Donald Trump announced that he was withdrawing the United States from the Paris climate accord.  As it happened, I heard the news while at a restaurant following a day at the Intersolar-ees conference in Munich, Germany.  At the next table sat a group of 10-12 Europeans and Chinese, who had also been attending […]

Energy Storage Enables Transformation

Guest Author:  Anissa Dehamna, Principal Research Analyst, Navigant Research

Energy storage is a transformational technology. It converts electricity from a perishable good into a flexible resource. It changes the grid from a unidirectional power system to a dynamic network, and it is transforming how we produce, procure, and deliver energy. Storage does this by creating give […]

The Coming Battery Gap

Advanced battery technology is one of the critical technologies that will shape the 21st Century.  The ability to provide untethered electric power is an essential condition for advances in drones, robotics, light and heavy vehicles, consumer electronics, telecommunications, the Internet of Things, implantable medical devices and a host of other new technology systems.  Businesses will […]

Vehicle Electrification Is Charging Ahead Again

Low gasoline prices, falling sales of EV’s in 2015, a new U.S. President who does not believe in climate change.  In light of these factors observers can be forgiven for thinking that any significant penetration by electric vehicles (xEV) of the light vehicle market is decades away at best.

But a funny thing has been happening […]

Federal Battery Technology Licensing Forum to Headline NAATBatt 2017

For the past 20 years or more, the U.S. government has invested heavily in the development of advanced battery technology through a variety of agencies, departments and national laboratories. While many bemoan the loss of manufacturing batteries based on those technologies to companies located outside the United States, it is undisputed that the United States […]

NAATBatt Workshop Explores the Drivers, Challenges and Opportunities of Advanced Battery Recycling

According to Bloomberg New Energy Finance, more than 95 GWh of used batteries will be extracted from hybrid and electric vehicles by 2025. Retiring ESS systems will add substantially to this lithium-ion battery waste.  This huge waste stream of potentially hazardous but also potentially valuable energy materials, such as cobalt, nickel, lithium and reformulated cathode […]

Advanced Batteries and Electric Drive on the Morning After

The advanced battery industry in the United States woke this morning to a new and unsettling reality.  After a decade or more of federal support for electric drive and advanced battery technology, it is unclear to what extent, if any, the next Administration and Congress will support efforts to break the U.S. vehicle fleet’s dependence […]

The Case for Recycling High Voltage Advanced Batteries

The recycling of high voltage advanced batteries used in automotive, industrial and stationary energy storage (ESS) applications has long been a regular topic of conversation in the battery industry. The topic is a challenging one because, unlike recycling lead-acid batteries, which produces a waste stream of valuable and resalable lead, recycling advanced batteries based on lithium-ion, nickel […]

Venture and capital markets activity in advanced batteries picks up in 2q 2016

After a slow start to 2016, venture investment and merger and acquisition activity in the advanced battery market picked up significantly in the second quarter of 2016.  This new activity underscores the growing interest of the capital markets in advanced battery and energy storage technologies and the increasing proximity of several major, new advanced battery […]

NAATBatt to sponsor an initiative for the recycling of advanced batteries

This past week many NAATBatt members attended the Intersolar/ees North America conference in San Francisco.  Although the Intersolar/ees program (including the excellent and well-attended NAATBatt Solar-Storage Workshop, “Making Money with Storage Today”) focused on solar-storage issues, there was another issue that kept popping up in questions during the conference sessions and during the NAATBatt board […]

Lithium-ION’s growing dominance in the ESS market

Earlier this week Scientific American reported that AES Corp. has been awarded a contract to supply the world’s largest storage battery to Southern California Edison.  The battery, which will use lithium-ion chemistry, will be capable of holding and delivering over 100 megawatts of power an hour for four hours.  The battery will replace a traditional […]

Rising oil prices will help the xev market

Last week I wrote in this column about the improving outlook for the xEV market, notwithstanding disappoint sales numbers over the past few years.  I pointed primarily to the continued willingness of governments around the world to provide subsidies and impose mandates that favor xEV’s.  I also noted that steady improvements in battery technology have […]

Electric vehicle market looking better

The electric vehicle (EV) market is starting to look better after a disappointing start.  Growth in the EV market has been slower over the past few years than many would have expected.  Low gas prices and the failure of science to produce a hoped-for, and at one time generally expected, break-through in battery technology, have […]

Solar-storage workshops at intersolar north america

For the third year in a row, NAATBatt International in collaboration with other associations active in energy storage and battery technologies (this year CalCharge and the California Energy Storage Association) will present two advanced workshops on solar-storage technology at Intersolar/ees North America.  The workshops will be held in Moscone Center West on July 13, 2016.

The […]

Bus battery safety initiative kicks off

Last month SAE International, in collaboration with China Automotive Technology Research Center (CATARC), held the first meeting of the new Bus Battery Systems Committee.  The formation of the committee and the undertaking of its work, was recommended by NAATBatt International in response to growing concerns about the safety of large format lithium-ion batteries increasingly installed […]

Sudden closing of Chinese battery market to foreign suppliers is grounds for concern


In late April, China’s Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT) announced that that any xEVs applying for a Chinese government subsidy had to contain a battery manufactured by one of 25 Chinese-owned companies listed on MIIT’s “White List.”  The announcement, which effectively closes the fastest growing advanced vehicle market in the world to non-Chinese […]

Back to the Wigwam

I am pleased to announce that after a careful and extended site selection process, NAATBatt International will return to The Wigwam resort outside Phoenix, Arizona for its NAATBatt’s 2017 Annual Meeting & Conference.  The dates of the conference will be March 14-16, 2017, with the Advanced Battery Golf Tournament and tournament dinner held on Monday, […]

Advanced batteries get sexy again

Having spent a considerable part of my earlier career in corporate finance, I am always struck by the influence of fashion on the financial markets.  Industries and industrial sectors go in and out of fashion with the financial markets on a regular basis.  Sometimes there is a reason for the fashion (at least initially); sometimes […]

Naatbatt solar-storage workshops planned for Intersolar North America


As previously noted in this column, NAATBatt International has renewed its partnership with Solar Promotions GmbH for the third year running in connection with the Intersolar/ees North America conference this July in San Francisco.  NAATBatt International will serve as lead energy storage sponsor of the conference and will produce two special workshops on solar-storage technology […]

NAATBatt members visit a surprisingly active energy storage community in the pacific northwest

This week NAATBatt International held its most recent NAATBatt Members Site Visit meeting in Seattle, hosted by members 1Energy Systems and UniEnergy Technologies.  The meeting included visits to the Everett and Hardeson substations, where co-host Snohomish County PUD is deploying an energy storage resource to help it manage its distribution system.

The meeting started off with […]

Naatbatt selected to facilitate DOE energy storage peer review meeting

NAATBatt International is pleased to announce that it has been selected this week to facilitate and manage the 2016 peer review meeting of the energy storage program of the U.S. Department of Energy’s Office of Electricity Delivery and Energy Reliability.  The meeting will be held on September 25-28, 2016 at The Renaissance Hotel, DuPont Circle, […]

The economic challenge of stationary energy storage

One of the benefits of being the Executive Director of NAATBatt is that it gives me frequent opportunity to speak and correspond with some of the brightest minds in the advanced battery industry and in advanced electrochemical energy storage technology.  Those conversations are rarely of earth-shaking importance.  But on more than rare occasion they reveal […]

New storage bill garners naatbatt’s input

Earlier this month, the office of Congressman Mike Honda (CA-17) reached out to NAATBatt International and asked for comments from its members on a bill that Congressman Honda hopes to introduce in Congress providing new support for stationary energy storage.  NAATBatt is pleased by Congressman Honda’s interest in stationary energy storage and delighted that Congressman […]

The valley of death investment gap

This week a committee of NAATBatt International members, acting at the request of Congressman Mike Honda (CA-17), reviewed a bill that Congressman Honda intends to introduce in Congress.  The bill proposes new investment tax credits for certain residential and commercial energy storage systems.  Next week in this newsletter, I will talk a little more about […]

NAATBatt announces next members site visit meeting


NAATBatt International is pleased to announce that the next in its series of Members Site Visit Meetings will be held in Seattle, WA on May 4-5, 2016.  The meeting will be co-hosted by 1Energy Systems and UniEnergy Technologies in cooperation with Snohomish County PUD.  To see the details of the event, click here to go […]

Naatbatt sets workshop programs for intersolar/ees north america

As previously reported in this newsletter, NAATBatt International recently renewed its relationship with Solar Promotions GmbH, organizer of the worldwide Intersolar and ees conferences focused primarily on the solar industry.  The Intersolar North America program, with which NAATBatt has cooperated for the past three years, is the most attended solar industry conference in North America.  […]

Autonomous vehicles will accelerate adoption of electric drive

The test of any good conference is whether you learn two new things from it and remember them a week later. For me, NAATBatt 2016 passed that test.  As is usually the case, what I learn and remember about a conference is not so much an individual presentation or eye-opening chart, but an offhand comment […]

NAATBatt 2016 concludes in indian wells

NAATBatt 2016 concluded on Thursday of this week in Indian Wells.  NAATBatt 2016 was the sixth annual meeting of NAATBatt International and was our best conference yet.

Total registrations this year were up by about 10% over 2015, this despite an unfortunate, direct conflict with two other major industry shows, the ARPA-E Summit and Batteries Japan.  […]

NAATBatt 2016 starts next week

The NAATBatt 2016 Annual Meeting & Conference starts next week in Indian Wells, California outside Palm Springs.  I always feel a bit nervous about NAATBatt conferences.  NAATBatt is really not a conference company.  When I look at what the professional conference organizers who run meetings such as The Battery Show, the ESA conferences, and Intersolar-ees […]

NAATBATT kicks off electric bus safety initiative

NAATBatt kicked off its electric bus safety initiative last Wednesday with the first telephonic meeting of the NAATBatt Electric Bus Safety Committee.  I would like to extend special thanks to committee co-chairs John Warner and Dave Roberts and to Ben Wrightwood for their organization of the call and for their exceptional, if somewhat frightening, description […]

Member Update Presentations at naatbatt 2016 will provide the best source of intelligence about the advanced battery industry and markets


NAATBatt 2016 starts in two weeks, kicking off with the Advanced Battery Golf & Tennis tournament on February 29, followed by three days of substantive programming.  Included in the programming is the Energy Storage Innovation Summit, featuring 20 jury-selected emerging energy storage technologies with the potential to change the marketplace and the presentation of the […]

Naatbatt kicks off electric bus safety initiative

Earlier this week President Obama announced a plan to invest $300 billion over the next 10 years in new transportation initiatives designed to reduce carbon emissions and traffic congestion.  The plan will be funded by a $10 a barrel tax on oil.  Although the President’s plan envisions investments in technologies and infrastructure well beyond electrification, […]

2016 lifetime achievement awards to honor two industry pioneers

I am pleased and honored to announce that the winners of the 2016 NAATBatt Lifetime Achievement Award are Dr. Imre Gyuk of the U.S. Department of Energy and Prof. Detchko Pavlov of the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences and the Institute of Electrochemistry and Energy Systems.

Each year, the Board of Directors of NAATBatt International recognizes individuals […]

NAATBATT 2016 to celebrate past and present innovation in advanced energy storage technology

The organizational purpose of NAATBatt International is to support the commercialization of energy storage systems that will power the transformative technologies of the 21st Century. So we take very seriously the role of the NAATBatt annual meeting in helping to highlight and educate our members about new technologies related to energy storage that are likely […]

Electric & hybrid marine world expo highlights the growing role of batteries in maritime applications

This past week I attended the Electric Hybrid & Marine World Expo in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, as part of NAATBatt’s Sponsored Conference Program.  The concept behind that Sponsored Conference Program is that NAATBatt will attend trade shows that may be of general interest, but not necessarily high priority, to our members.  NAATBatt scouts out those […]

General Motors Launches EV 2.0

Last week in this column I suggested that 2016 is going to be an exciting year for energy storage technology.  My prediction was vindicated more quickly than I expected.

Earlier this week at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, General Motors unveiled the production version of the Chevrolet Bolt, a 200-mile-range all-electric car with a […]

2016 will be a happy new year

This will be the first of approximately 52 commentaries I will write this year about the business of electrochemical energy storage technology.  2015 was a good year for many businesses that commercialize that technology, despite substantial headwinds that could have led to a much different result.  Sales of electrified vehicles continued to advance modestly year […]

The curious market for residential storage

The market for residential energy storage has always been a bit curious.  Despite substantial enthusiasm for residential storage technology, generated in large part by Tesla Motors’ launch early this year of its Powerwall product, few experts claim to be able to get the economics of such systems to pencil out anywhere in the North American […]

Winter ends early

Earlier today, in an action that defied the expectations of many, Congress passed a $1.1 trillion spending bill following the passage yesterday of a $622 billion tax bill.  Both pieces of legislation included major provisions supporting the development of energy technology, both renewable and traditional.  After of years watching the U.S. Congress wallow in dysfunction, […]

NAATBatt 2016 Program will discuss battery manufacturing innovations and their impact on costs 

On this the last day of Early Bird registration for the NAATBatt 2016 Annual Meeting & Conference, I want to highlight some of the remarkable aspects of that upcoming program.  We tout the NAATBatt annual meetings as thought leadership programs, and that is a boast we try hard to live up to.  NAATBatt uses its […]

NHTSA workshop highlights concerns about stranded energy

This past week I attended a workshop organized by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) and SAE International focusing on the issue of stranded energy in electric vehicles.  The workshop was organized by Phil Gorney of NHTSA and Bob Galyen of SAE International and took place at Argonne National Laboratory outside Chicago.

Stranded energy is […]

Giving thanks for cheap oil and xEV resilience

The week of Thanksgiving in the United States is traditional a time to recount the things for which we should give thanks.  From the standpoint of the world economy certainly close to the top of the thanks list this year should be the price of crude oil, which closed last Wednesday at $43.04 per barrel, […]

The internet of things offers new opportunities for battery makers

For much of its history, NAATBatt International has focused on large format batteries and supercapacitors designed to service applications in the automotive, stationary energy storage and industrial battery sectors.  That is where the growth in the battery industry was expected to be and where most public discussion of electrochemical energy storage technology has been centered.

But […]

Visit to BIC and NSA Crane Highlights Valuable New Resource for Battery Systems Manufacturers

The latest NAATBatt Members Site Visit meeting took place this week at the Battery Innovation Center (BIC) and NSA Crane Naval base in southern Indiana.  The meeting was a great success and illustrates one of the many ways that NAATBatt members get outstanding value from their membership.

NAATBatt members were shuttled by bus from their hotel […]

Utilization rate is the key metric for tesla and other battery manufacturers

Earlier this week I delivered a talk at the EMCMR-3 conference in Marrakech about what a country such as Morocco could do in order to become a regional center for advanced battery manufacturing.  My thesis was that Morocco has a relationship to the EU auto market that is in many ways similar to the relationship […]

New battery energy storage caucus challenges the industry to decide what it wants to do

Last Tuesday, U.S. Representatives Chris Collins (R-NY), and Mark Takano (D-CA) announced the launch of the Battery Energy Storage Caucus in the U.S. Congress.  The mission of the caucus is to advance the understanding of how energy storage systems are enabling American businesses and homeowners to better access reliable, affordable, and sustainable electric power.  Reps. […]

Dyson-Sakti3 deal provides a window on the emerging battery technology world

News this week in the advanced battery industry has centered on Dyson Ltd.’s purchase of Sakti3 for $90 million.  Sakti3, led by University of Michigan professor Ann Marie Sastry, is developing solid-state battery technology.  Sakti3 has been a company that has long generated great hope and occasionally great skepticism.  Originally backed by Khosla Ventures, the […]

NaatBatt announces the formation of the GO Foundation in Montreal

This past week I had the pleasure of attending the Graphene Canada conference in Montreal where NAATBatt International, in conjunction with NAATBatt member, Grafoid, and Phantoms Foundation of Madrid, Spain, announced the formation of the GO Foundation.  The GO Foundation (GO stands for Graphene Organization) is a Canadian not-for-profit association charged with accelerating the commercialization […]

Registration is now open for the 2016 Annual Meeting

The NAATBatt Annual Meeting is the highlight of the year at NAATBatt, accounting probably for a majority of our budget and staff time each year, and certainly for a majority of the Executive Director’s worries and headaches.  With the meeting now just four months away, planning activity is starting in earnest.  The best evidence of […]

BIC visit shaping up to be a great program

On November 12, 2015, NAATBatt International will hold its next Members Site Visit meeting at Battery Innovation Center (BIC) in Newberry, Indiana.  A few people asked me when I initially told them about the meeting whether I really expected anyone to travel to a remote area of Southern Indiana to see a battery testing laboratory.  […]

A busy week at NAATBatt

Things at NAATBatt International are always pretty busy.  But this past week has seen series of developments within the organization, each of which could warrant its own Executive Director’s notes column.  Consistent with the way this week has gone, I will try to squeeze them all in here.

New Director of Meetings

I am pleased to welcome […]

Rethinking ESS certification: Is there a better way?

This past week, I spoke at The Battery Show in Novi, Michigan on the subject of electricity stationary storage (ESS) safety.  One of the panels on which I participated discussed the development of testing and certification procedures for ESS systems.  My fellow panelists were Serena Lee of ConEdison, Ibrahim Jilani of UL LLC and Dan […]

New grounds for optimism about electric vehicle sales


Earlier today, the price of crude oil on the NYMEX closed below $45 per barrel, about half of its price one year ago.  The Wall Street Journal reports that unidentified sources within OPEC predict that the price of oil will remain in the $40 to $50 price range at least through the end of 2015.  […]

New PatentEdge™ report shows push by ford on battery modules

NAATBatt International members will find this week on the NAATBatt website a new ABC PatentEdgeTM report detailing trends in patent applications and patent issuances in advanced battery and capacitor technology.  The current report, specifying activity in the second quarter of 2015, provides a summary of exactly who has been applying for patents in precisely what […]

The DOE’s loan program office needs to help manufacturers and consumers, not large financial institutions

On March 6 of this year I wrote in this column about the need for the Department of Energy’s Loan Program Office (LPO) to assist distributed energy projects, including distributed energy storage projects, rather than dedicate all its financial resources to energy megaprojects.  NAATBatt International proposed that the LPO do this by guarantying the performance […]

Annual meeting program beginning to take shape

This week the planning committee for the NAATBatt 2016 Annual Meeting met and began the process of planning the meeting program. Based on the committee’s initial discussion, the program is going to be outstanding.

Among the topics that the meeting will cover is improvements in the manufacturing of lithium-ion battery cells, with particular focus on changing […]

Capital markets may be becoming more advanced battery friendly

This week Stem announced that it raised an additional $45 million in venture capital with $33 million apparently provided by the German power company, RWE Group.  Stem’s ability to raise $45 million is a credit to the company, its management team and its business model.  But it is possible that there is more to this […]

The mystery of the missing battery market

Last month I had the pleasure of speaking to a conference sponsored by NAATBatt member GCube Insurance Services about the growth for electricity storage on the grid.  As part of my presentation, I displayed a slide, originally authored by Navigant Consulting, which is my favorite slide about the advanced battery industry.

The slide describes the projected […]

XALT Energy puts on a great show

This week saw the most recent Members Site Visit meeting at XALT Energy in Midland, Michigan. More than 50 NAATBatt International members had the opportunity to tour one of the few lithium-ion battery cell manufacturing facilities in the United States. The XALT facility was amazing. It is a state-of-the-art plant that is so clean and […]

Mckinsey blog highlights the speed of change in energy technology

Earlier this week McKinsey & Company, one of the world’s foremost consulting firms, posted an interesting blog reviewing a number of predictions it made about disruptive energy technologies in 2007 and making a few more predictions.

According to McKinsey, it mostly got the technology trends in energy right in 2007, but failed to anticipate how quickly [...]

Optimistic storage market projections depend on the price of natural gas

Intersolar North America, including ees™, its new dedicated program on energy storage, concluded this week at Moscone Center West in San Francisco. NAATBatt, as part of its growing partnership with the Intersolar family of international renewable energy conferences, participated heavily in the ees program and produced two workshops, one on storage safety, one on […]

NAATBATT-Intersolar Workshop will focus on battery safety

I hope that you can join us next Tuesday morning in San Francisco for the NAATBatt-Intersolar workshop on inside-the-meter battery safety.  The workshop is designed to educate developers and installers of solar systems about the possible safety risks associated with adding a storage component to PV systems and how regulators and other installers are mitigating […]

NAATBATT-Intersolar Workshop aims to bring coherence to solar-storage policy

On Tuesday, July 14, NAATBatt International will produce two workshops on important topics in energy storage at the Intersolar North America trade show in San Francisco. Intersolar North America is the most attended trade show in North America catering to the solar industry. NAATBatt’s workshops give solar developers and integrators, who may have only a […]

NAATBatt Launches New Website

I am delighted to announce that earlier today NAATBatt International launched its new website. A special thanks to Jonathan Levine and his colleagues at Workbench Digital for their outstanding efforts in helping with this major facelift of NAATBatt’s online presence.

The new website is far more than a facelift, however. The new site includes the logos […]

Laudato Si: The Moral Case for Energy Efficiency

Yesterday Pope Francis issued a sweeping new encyclical on the environment entitled “Laudato Si”.  The encyclical runs 184-pages and covers a range of issues.  Most noteworthy is its endorsement of the proposition that climate change is real and caused primarily by human activity.  The encyclical notes that the worst impact of climate change will probably […]

Residential Energy Storage Could Play a Key Role in Shaping National Energy Policy

This past week I attended the Intersolar Europe conference in Munich, Germany.  The exhibit hall at the conference included a large space devoted to energy storage and battery technology.  The number of exhibitors and quality of the exhibits surpassed anything I have seen at a storage programs in the United States.

The most interesting aspect of […]

ABC PatentEdge™ Report Delivers Important Information to NAATBatt Members

Two years ago a group of NAATBatt member companies undertook an interesting project. Working with IP Checkups, a Berkeley, California-based consulting firm that specializes in patent-based market intelligence, the NAATBatt members categorized advanced battery technology and markets into a number of segments corresponding to general areas of relevance to industry.

Using the categories provided by NAATBatt, […]

NAATBatt Intersolar Workshop to Examine Safety and Policy Questions About Solar-Storage Technology

This coming July, NAATBatt International will team up again with Intersolar North America to produce two workshops on issues important to the storage industry:  inside-the-meter battery safety and policy drivers for the solar-storage market.  Intersolar North America, which this year will include a special ees track on storage, will run from July 13-16, 2015.  The […]