Presentations 2016

Focus Graphite: Performance of Lac Knife Flake Graphite

By Dr. Joe Doninger, Director of Manufacturing and Technology, Focus Graphite.

Buhler: Fully Continuous Mixing of LIB Electrode Slurries

By Buhler

AquaMetals: Changing the Game in Lead Acid Recycling

By Dr. Stephen R Clarke, AquaMetals

USDA: Business and Industry Loan Guarantee

By Sarah Adler, USDA Rural Development

Retriev Technologies: Company Overview

By Retriev Technologies

Proterra: Full Electric Vehicles – Just How Big is the Niche?

By Ryan Popple, Proterra Inc.

OnTo Technology: Giga Recycling – High Performance Batteries from Recycled Material

By Steven E. Sloop Ph.D., OnTo Technology

Momentum Dynamics: High Power Inductive Charging for Multiple Vehicle Applications

By Scott Carroll, Momentum Dynamics

JCESR: Energy Storage at the Threshold

By George Crabtree, JCESR

The IP Wars: What Can the Advanced Battery Makers Learn From Other Industries?

Moderated by Dan Abraham, MPEG LA

Ford Motor: Full Electric Vehicles – Just How Big is the Niche?

By Ted Miller, Ford Motor Company

Dynapower Company: Advances in Power Electronics – Approaches to Solar Plus Storage

By Chris Larsen, Dynapower Company

U.S. Dept. of Energy Loan Programs Office: Investing in American Energy

By U.S. Dept. of Energy – Loan Programs Office

DNV-GL: Energy Storage Warranties and Performance Guarantees

By Michael Kleinberg, PhD, DNV-GL

California Air Resources Board: Electric Vehicle Markets In California

By Joshua Cunningham, California Air Resources Board

Oak Ridge National Laboratory: Overview of Lithium-Ion Cell R2R Processing at ORNL – Current and Future Opportunities

By Dr. David L. Wood III, Oak Ridge National Laboratory

Dexmet Corporation: Value Proposition for MicroGrid® Expanded Metal Current Conducting Foil in Li-ion Cells

By John Hart, Dexmet Corporation

InterSolar: Member Update Presentation

By Wes Doane, InterSolar

Boston-Power: Member Update Presentation

By Rick Chamberlain, Boston-Power

DreamWeaver: The lowest cost, highest performance battery separators in the world

By Brian Morin, DreamWeaver

Armor: Primed Current Collectors for Li-Ion Batteries

By Armor

Beckett Energy Systems: Member Update Presentations

By Beckett Energy Systems

Electric Applications Incorporated: Ensuring the Quality of Energy Storage System Batteries

By Donald Karner, Electric Applications Incorporated

Oak-Mitsui: Member Update Presentation

By Oak-Mitsui

Urban Electric Power: When evolution is revolution – safe, clean, low-cost energy storage

By Urban Electric Power

Battery Innovation Center: Member Update Presentation

By Battery Innovation Center

G4 Synergetics: Next Generation NiMH Batteries for High Power Applications

By William C. Gotts, G4 Synergetics

Redflow: Member Update Presentation

By Mike Robson and Mio Mather, Redflow

Gridtential Energy: Breakthrough Silicon-Lead Battery Technology

By Christiaan Beekhuis, Gridtential Energy

Rayovac: New Member Update

By Bill Bushong, Rayovac

AeroVironment: Member Update Presentation

By Marcus Peng, AeroVironment

CalCharge: Energy Storage Innovation Consortium

By CalCharge

1Energy Systems: Member Update Presentation

By Daniel Malarkey, 1Energy Systems

Braille Battery: Member Update Presentation

By Braille Battery

Sandia National Laboratories: Stationary Energy Storage Program Overview

By Daniel Borneo, P.E., Sandia National Laboratories

Albemarle: Corporate Overview

By David Klanecky, Albemarle

CSA Group: Member Update Presentation

By Jim Green, CSA Group

Manz AG: What’s New in Energy Storage Production

By Manz AG

EnerDel: Corporate Overview

By EnerDel

NECA and IBEW: Member Update Presentation

By Bernie Kotlier

S&C Electric Company: Member Update Presentation

By S&C Electric Company

B&W Megtec: Member Update Presentation

By David Ventola, B&W Megtec

Hilton International Industries: Member Update Presentation

By Hilton International Industries

EnerSys: Member Update Presentation

By EnerSys

UL: An Overview of UL Batteries and Energy Storage Related Activities

By Laurie Florence, UL

TeamTechnik: Innovation in Production Technology of Flat-format Battery Cells and Modules

By Barry Rahimian, TeamTechnik

GO Foundation: Who We Are

By GO Foundation

Digatron: RePowerEN Energy Neutral Technology

By Digatron Power Electronics

Applied Materials: Inflections and Applications of Small Capacity Energy Storage Devices

Moderated by B. Leo Kwak, Applied Materials