NAATBatt 2016 starts in two weeks, kicking off with the Advanced Battery Golf & Tennis tournament on February 29, followed by three days of substantive programming.  Included in the programming is the Energy Storage Innovation Summit, featuring 20 jury-selected emerging energy storage technologies with the potential to change the marketplace and the presentation of the 2016 Lifetime Achievement Awards for major accomplishments in the technology, business and policy of energy storage.

The principal feature of the NAATBatt Annual Meeting & Conference that distinguishes it from the dozens of trade shows targeting the battery and energy storage industries is that the NAATBatt meetings are ultimately about serving the needs of our membership.  Our members want to know what is going on in the industry and who is doing what.  They also want everyone else in the industry to know what they are doing.

To meet this objective, a major portion of the NAATBatt Annual Meeting is devoted to something we call Member Update Presentations.  These are short talks given by every NAATBatt member firm about what it is doing and what everyone else in the industry should know about it.  A basic rule of producing trade shows and conferences is not to let a speaker give a commercial.  NAATBatt turns that rule on its head.  We want to know what our members are actually doing.  Because in the answer to that question lies the best possible insight into what is really going on in the industry and where the opportunities in the industry are really going to be.

Last year, NAATBatt set aside 24 speaking slots for Member Update Presentations.  Based on the positive reception to those presentations, this year, we set aside 30 slots.  To my surprise and pleasure, 39 of our members signed up this year to give presentations.  We will accommodate all of them, because that is what NAATBatt is all about.

As for the rule about prohibiting commercials, I am not concerned.  I suspect that delegates at the Annual Meeting will learn more substance about the industry and what the emerging opportunities in the industry really are going to be by listening to the stories of our 39 members than by attending all the other trade shows on the industry calendar combined.  The Member Update Presentations are the best source of industry intelligence about the advanced battery industry available anywhere.  You don’t want to miss them.

I hope to see you in two weeks in Indian Wells.