The organizational purpose of NAATBatt International is to support the commercialization of energy storage systems that will power the transformative technologies of the 21st Century. So we take very seriously the role of the NAATBatt annual meeting in helping to highlight and educate our members about new technologies related to energy storage that are likely to impact the market in the near future.

Several years ago, we incorporated into the annual meeting a program called the Energy Storage Innovation Summit. In the Summit, we ask 20 companies working on new but market ready energy storage-related technologies to make a “flash” presentation to the annual meeting about those technologies to the meeting. Each of those technologies must be available for license or purchase by NAATBatt members. Several deals in the industry can trace their origins to past Summits.

This year, NAATBatt received a record number of applications from companies interested in presenting at the Summit. After review of the applications, a committee of NAATBatt member firms invited the following companies to make presentations at the Summit:

Black Diamond Structures ViZn Energy Systems
Gridtential Fluidic Energy
G4 Synergetics Ioxus
Voltaiq Nuvation Engineering
Johnson Battery Technologies Rayovac (D sized CFx battery technology)
PneumatiCoat Encharge Power Systems
XG Sciences Wildcat Discovery
Yunasko Pulse Power Innovation Jennova
Tempronics Rayovac (coined feedthrough technology)
Nexceris Primus Power


The NAATBatt 2016 Annual Meeting & Conference, however, not only looks forward. It also looks back. All inventors and innovators stand on the shoulders of those that have come before and benefit in ways, large and small, from previous effort and innovation. NAATBatt annual meetings also take the time to recognize and say thanks, on behalf of those in the industry today, to those whose life work has made the industry and the technology of advanced energy storage what it is. Past winners of the NAATBatt Lifetime Achievement Award include John Goodenough, Stan Whittingham, Sally Miksiewicz, and Ralph Brodd.

This year, NAATBatt will give two Lifetime Achievement Awards to individuals who have made outstanding, lifelong contributions to the business of energy storage, one in technology and one in public service. The awards will be presented at the Gala Dinner on Wednesday, March 2 in Indian Wells. The two winners of this year’s two NAATBatt Lifetime Achievement Awards will be announced next week in this column.

Please stay tuned for this announcement, and please join us in Indian Wells next March to celebrate the past and the future of the most exciting and arguably most important industry in the world.