NAATBatt International is pleased to announce that the next in its series of Members Site Visit Meetings will be held in Seattle, WA on May 4-5, 2016.  The meeting will be co-hosted by 1Energy Systems and UniEnergy Technologies in cooperation with Snohomish County PUD.  To see the details of the event, click here to go to the event information page.

Member Site Visit Meetings are a regular feature of NAATBatt activities and a major benefit of NAATBatt membership. At a Member Site Visit Meeting, the hosting NAATBatt member opens its facility for tour by visiting NAATBatt members and gives a briefing about the hosting member’s products and capabilities. Hosting members also have the opportunity to introduce members of their management team, who many in the industry never get to meet.  For the hosting member, these meetings are like an exhibit booth at a major trade show on steroids.  Except, very much unlike an exhibit booth at a trade show, this program costs the hosting member nothing.

For visiting members, NAATBatt Member Site Visit Meetings offer unprecedented opportunity to gain intelligence about an aspect of the industry, and one particular participant in it, which more often than not opens eyes to new commercial opportunities.  These meetings are designed to produce new ideas and new commercial prospects for our members.  They rarely disappoint.

The 1Energy System-UniEnergy Technology meeting will pack an unusually full amount of content into one program.  Attendees will start with a visit to 1Energy Systems, a software developer (with historic ties to Microsoft), which has played a leading role in the development of the MESA standards for controlling storage resources on the grid.  If you have not seen the facilities of a top flight software development firm, the visit to 1Energy Systems is something you should not miss.  You will emerge from the experience with new ideas about storage and a new appreciation for some of the challenges that the market is trying to address in deploying storage on the grid.

From 1Energy Systems, attendees will travel by NAATBatt-chartered bus to UniEnergy Technologies, a manufacturer of vanadium flow batteries, located north of Seattle.  At UniEnergy Technologies, attendees will learn about vanadium flow technology and flow battery architecture.  Attendees will see how vanadium flow batteries are made and learn about the unique needs and requirements of flow battery manufacturers.  Flow batteries may play an increasingly important role in stationary energy storage. This will be a unique opportunity to understand the technology and its commercial requirements.

From UniEnergy’s manufacturing facility, NAATBatt members will travel to the Operations Center of Snohomish County PUD.  Snohomish PUD has been one of the most supportive utilities in the country with respect to storage.  Attendees will hear from Snohomish PUD about its experiences with storage and some of the benefits and challenges of this new grid resource.

From Snohomish PUD’s Operations Center, attendees will travel to two Snohomish PUD substations, where Snohomish has either deployed or is in the process of deploying a storage resource. At the Hardeson Road substation NAATBatt members will see Snohomish PUD’s first storage project, consisting of two large-scale lithium ion batteries, one manufactured by LG Chem and a second by Mitsubishi and GS Yuasa. At Snohomish PUD’s Everett substation, NAATBatt members will see a second project, due for completion later this year, consisting of four strings of advanced vanadium flow batteries in a total of 20 shipping containers, manufactured by UniEnergy Technologies at the facility attendees toured earlier in the day. Both projects are based on the innovative MESA system of controls, which 1Energy Systems played a leading role in developing.

Of course, no NAATBatt Member Site Visit Meeting is complete without the networking dinner. NAATBatt strives at each Member Site Visit Meeting to find a fun and locally significant venue for our members to socialize, enjoy themselves, and form new business relationships.  For this meeting, NAATBatt has reserved a private room at the famous Ivar’s Acres of Clams restaurant on Pier 54 on Seattle’s waterfront.  Festivities will start at 7:30 p.m. on Wednesday, May 4 (note that this is the first day of the program, before to the bus tour on Thursday) at Ivar’s.  The dinner is free** for NAATBatt members who are registered to attend the program (see the note on the event information page).

NAATBatt has organized many successful Member Site Visit Meetings in the past.  This one promises to rival the best of them.  Please register soon, as there are a limited number of seats available on the NAATBatt bus.  But do plan to attend.  You will be disappointed, and disadvantaged in understanding some important aspects of the storage industry, if you miss it.