On Tuesday, July 14, NAATBatt International will produce two workshops on important topics in energy storage at the Intersolar North America trade show in San Francisco. Intersolar North America is the most attended trade show in North America catering to the solar industry. NAATBatt’s workshops give solar developers and integrators, who may have only a passing familiarity with storage technology and who are unlikely to attend stand-alone storage conferences, an opportunity to get a more detailed understanding of storage technology and some of the issues surrounding it.

One of the issues of shared concern to both solar and storage developers is the development of government policy that will encourage, or at a minimum not discourage, robust commercial deployment of solar-storage systems. This will be the focus of the afternoon workshop on July 14, entitled “Optimizing Policy Initiatives to Support Solar-Storage”. The goal of the workshop will be to inform attendees about a wide range of initiatives pending in Congress, in the states and at several ISO’s that will have an impact on solar-storage and to develop a coherent industry view on which initiatives are likely to be effective and most worth the limited time of industry advocates to promote.

The workshop will be co-produced by some of the leading industry organizations working in storage and renewable energy. Matt Roberts of the Electricity Storage Association, Alex Morris of the California Energy Storage Association, and Todd Olinsky-Paul of the Clean Energy States Alliance will all be speaking and playing leading roles in the workshop. The hope is that the participating organizations will listen closely to the opinions expressed at the workshop by industry participants and use those opinions to develop a coherent set of policy objectives for the industry in the coming year.

The workshop will provide an opportunity for all those working in solar-storage both to learn about existing policy initiatives and to express their own views about which of those initiatives is likely to be most supportive of and most helpful to the industry. The last part of the workshop will be reserved for small, roundtable discussion groups in which attendees will discuss, according to their preference, the subjects of interoperability and communications standards, solar-plus-storage initiatives, rate/tariff design and net metering, tax policies, and ISO market reform and RPS design.

One of the policy initiatives that the workshop may also discuss is NAATBatt International’s proposal to extend the DOE Section 1703 loan guaranty program to battery manufacturer warranty liability for ESS systems. Since being proposed to the Department of Energy last April, the proposal has been met with a deafening silence. But of recent there seems to be some distant rumbling of activity about which I may be able to report at the workshop.

I hope you can join us on July 14 for the policy workshop, and I would urge you to do so. Industry advocates such as NAATBatt, ESA, and CESA need to hear your views to do what we do most effectively. Please plan to attend. For more information about the July 14 workshops, click here.