I am delighted to announce that earlier today NAATBatt International launched its new website. A special thanks to Jonathan Levine and his colleagues at Workbench Digital for their outstanding efforts in helping with this major facelift of NAATBatt’s online presence.

The new website is far more than a facelift, however. The new site includes the logos of all of our members with links to their principal web sites. Pictures and short bios of all of NAATBatt officers and directors are included. The NAATBatt membership application has been put into electronic form with the various levels of membership and their respective privileges explained.

The new website also includes information about upcoming NAATBatt events, such as the two energy storage workshops that NAATBatt will produce at Intersolar/ees™ North America on July 14, 2015 and the upcoming Members Site Visit meeting at XALT Energy on July 30. NAATBatt’s other regular activities, such as our annual meetings, the Advanced Battery Golf & Tennis Tournament, the Energy Storage Innovation Summit and our Policy Road Trips, are explained in detail. The web page, for the first time, really lays out the value proposition of a NAATBatt International membership.

The Publications and Resource Center section of the website are also new. In Publications, visitors can read copies of our weekly newsletter, the Advanced Battery Weekly, and review position papers published by NAATBatt. NAATBatt members will be able to view quarterly summaries of the ABC PatentEdge™ report on worldwide patent filings and grants relating to advanced battery and capacitor technologies. This is an invaluable tool for anyone who really wants to understand where advanced battery technology and the advanced battery marketplace are going.

The Resource Center contains materials that will be useful to NAATBatt members and non-members alike. NAATBatt members will be able to review all presentations made at recent NAATBatt programs and workshops, including the annual meeting. NAATBatt members will also be able to post presentations that they have made at any conference in the world. This is a great way for NAATBatt members to enhance their market visibility while at the same time providing useful information to the general public through the NAATBatt website.

Visitors will also be able to listen to NAATBatt webinars going back to 2010 on topics of great interest to anyone working with advanced battery technology. The joint NAATBatt-GTM Research webinar next Tuesday on the state of the solar-storage market in the United States will be uploaded and available as soon as that program is completed.

I hope you enjoy our new website. It feels to me as though NAATBatt has now finally joined the 21st Century.