Next month NAATBatt will launch the first in what it hopes will be a series of education programs for persons new to the battery industry or just interested in learning more about advanced battery technology.  As the popularity of advanced battery technology has grown over the past few years, more newcomers are entering the industry than ever. The Board of Directors of NAATBatt International has decided to initiate a series of education programs about advanced battery technology that will help those newcomers get a quick but comprehensive understanding of the basics of battery science, technology and manufacturing processes.  NAATBatt hopes through these courses to reduce the workforce training burdens of its members, who are seeing more new employees than ever and growing public interest in their technology.

The first course, Advanced Battery Systems 101, will be offered on November 15, 2017 (click here for the full details).  Faculty for Advanced Battery Systems 101 will be provided by EnerDel, Battery Innovation Center, EnerSys, Kodak, DNV-GL and Polaris Battery. This will be a unique opportunity to learn the basics of batteries from some of the most experienced companies and executives in the North American industry. The course will cover the basic principles of battery technology; the design and construct of lithium-ion and lead acid batteries; a comparison of basic battery technologies (lithium-ion vs. lead acid); a review of the process for developing new battery chemistries and the outlook for new chemistries in the market; the basic principles and procedures for making lithium-ion battery cells; and the testing and certification of battery cells and systems.

Adding considerably to the value of the program, it will be offered at the new Kodak Battery Cell Assembly Center in Rochester, New York. As part of the course, attendees will be given a tour and demonstration of a real lithium-ion manufacturing line. Attendees will have the opportunity to see first hand the application of principles they will spend the morning and early afternoon learning about in the classroom.

There is no better or more efficient way to learn about advanced battery technology than to learn about it from top industry executives in a setting that emphasizes hands’ on learning. The cost for NAATBatt members is only $495 for the full course day with a 20% discount for companies registering more than one attendee.

NAATBatt is very excited to be offering Advanced Battery Systems 101 next month in Rochester. We think it addresses a serious need in the industry. Please plan to attend and support this and other NAATBatt education programs.  For more information about the program and to register, please click here.