NAATBatt International has a storied history.  Founded in 2007 as a manufacturing cooperative dedicated to ensuring that the advanced lithium-ion batteries that power electric vehicles would be developed and manufactured in the United States, NAATBatt has evolved continuously in order to stay relevant to the battery industry and to provide the best value to its members.  Three years ago, NAATBatt decided to de-emphasize its relationship with the United States and state its mission in more international terms. That change was driven by the realization that the battery business is an international business and that the largest markets for advanced battery technology most probably lay outside the United States.

Last week at its meeting in San Francisco, the Board of Directors of NAATBatt International decided to revisit its earlier decision.  Although the Board wants NAATBatt to continue to focus on the international nature of the battery market, it is increasingly clear that in countries outside the United States, battery industry associations are nationally organized and include local economic development as an important part of their missions.  The United States and Canada were being left behind.

Accordingly, the NAATBatt Board voted last week to redefine the mission of NAATBatt International to include promoting battery-related jobs and technology in the United States and Canada as an important part of its mission.  NAATBatt will continue to focus on the international market as well.  But rather than doing this directly, it will do so by coordinating efforts and promoting joint programs with associations such as Eurobat, the Korea Battery Industry Association and the Battery Association of Japan.

NAATBatt expects to announce soon some initiatives and programs consistent with its new mission of North American economic development.

The new mission and objectives of NAATBatt International are as follows:


To promote the commercial interests of our members by supporting developments in the science of and markets for advanced electrochemical energy storage technology in North America consistent with the goals of enhancing energy efficiency, reducing petroleum dependence and enabling carbon-free electricity generation.

Specific Objectives

  • To promote job creation and intellectual property development in the advanced battery industry in North America.
  • To interface with and promote collaboration among industry groups focused on advanced battery technology outside of North America, including China, Europe, Japan and Korea.
  • To build relationships among companies engaged in advanced electrochemical energy storage in order to enhance commercial opportunities for our members.
  • To accelerate commercialization of emerging electrochemical energy storage technology by facilitating greater collaboration among private industry, research institutions and government laboratories in North America.
  • To integrate electricity storage into the ecosystem of the power system in North America.
  • To educate industry, consumers and financial markets about advanced electrochemical energy storage technology and its benefits.
  • To advocate for public policies that increase market demand for vehicles and systems incorporating advanced electrochemical energy storage technology.
  • To promote the recycling of and development of aftermarkets for advanced batteries and electrochemical energy storage systems in North America.