As previously noted in this column, NAATBatt International has renewed its partnership with Solar Promotions GmbH for the third year running in connection with the Intersolar/ees North America conference this July in San Francisco.  NAATBatt International will serve as lead energy storage sponsor of the conference and will produce two special workshops on solar-storage technology as a supplement to the conference.  The workshops will be held in the morning and afternoon, respectively, of Wednesday,  July 13.

Three years ago, NAATBatt decided to get involved with Intersolar, the most widely attended solar energy conference in North America, because NAATBatt perceived that the growth of PV solar installations was going to be one of the principal drivers, if not the principal driver, of market growth for battery-powered energy storage systems over the coming decade.  Just how significant this opportunity might be for energy storage solutions providers is highlighted by a recent report released by research group EuPD.  The EuPD report claims that that only 34% of PV installers in the United States currently offer storage solutions to customers.  But 26% of those who do not said they hope to do so this year.  The mathematical implication is that the number of PV installers purchasing storage systems should increase by 50% this year alone.

The NAATBatt workshops at Intersolar North America are aimed directly at that 66% of PV installers who do not yet include storage in their systems, but who may wish to do so if they can get the economics of storage to work.  The first workshop on the morning of Wednesday, July 13 is entitled “Making Money with Storage”.  The workshop will review how many of the 34% of PV installers that include storage in their installations today are making money on the storage component.  The workshop will also compare and contrast the wide variety of storage technologies available to PV installers, helping them better identify the optimal storage technology for their particular needs.

The second solar workshop, on the afternoon of Wednesday, July 13, will focus specifically on the California market for energy storage.  The workshop will review exactly how the AB 2514 process worked, who won, who lost and why.  More importantly, the workshop will use the experience of AB 2514 and its 1.3 GW storage mandate to make some predictions about what the State of California may require in the future with respect to storage.  The workshop will help PV installers and storage developers better prepare for future California energy storage initiative and better position themselves to take advantage of them.

The afternoon workshop will also include a panel, chaired by Dr. Venkat Srinivasan of Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, about the future of energy storage technology.  How long will lithium-ion technology be the leading technology for smaller energy storage applications?  What will come next and, most importantly, how soon will it be coming?  There is no better place than the Bay Area to learn about the next-next things in battery technology.  The NAATBatt solar-storage workshop will help attendees take full advantage of this opportunity to learn about the fascinating future of advanced battery technology.

More information, including a dedicated web page, will be posted about soon about the NAATBatt solar-storage workshops at Intersolar North America.  Check back soon at for more information about these exciting programs.