Over the next months, NAATBatt will be rolling out a new and improved website.  We intend this website to be a valuable resource for our members and for the general public looking for information about advanced battery and ultracapacitor technology and related products.

One of the features we will be introducing on the web site is the republication of presentations made by our members at industry conferences around the world.  This new feature serves two purposes:

  1. Conference presentations by our members are an excellent source of information for the general public (and for the industry) about developments in advanced battery technology and about new products and services in the industry. The availability of these presentations on the NAATBatt website will help make the site a “go to” resource for anyone looking for information about advanced batteries and related products and services.
  1. Our members spend a huge amount of time and effort preparing presentations for industry conferences. But once made, those presentations are often quickly forgotten.  This is an unfortunate and highly inefficient waste of time and intellectual capital.  Your conference presentations are important and valuable.  NAATBatt’s republication of your conference presentations will help you get more value from them.

NAATBatt International will generally not review or edit the member presentations it republishes.  There is no peer review procedure for what will go up on our Web site.  The only rules for republication are that (a) the presentation must have been given in the past at an established, third party industry conference (minor redactions, edits and updates are acceptable), (b) the author must be an employee of a NAATBatt International member firm, and (c) a Request for Publication, including certain certifications about copyright and accuracy, must be completed by the author and submitted together with the proposed presentation.  NAATBatt will promptly remove any presentation from our website at any time upon the request of the author or his or her employer.

I would urge NAATBatt members to use this new resource, as it will be good for our members, good for the public, and good for NAATBatt.  I hope that NAATBatt members will send us as many of their conference presentations as possible.

Presentations should be submitted, and will be published, in .pdf format.  The Request for Publication form (e-mail me if you need a copy) must be submitted in Word.


I look forward to receiving many submissions from NAATBatt members and hope and expect that our members  will find this to be a valuable service.  Please let others in your organization know about it and encourage them to take full advantage.