NAATBatt International members will find this week on the NAATBatt website a new ABC PatentEdgeTM report detailing trends in patent applications and patent issuances in advanced battery and capacitor technology.  The current report, specifying activity in the second quarter of 2015, provides a summary of exactly who has been applying for patents in precisely what aspects of advanced battery and ultracapacitor technology.  This information is a useful tool for determining where the major players in the advanced battery market are seeing the most promising long-term opportunities and what kinds of new products they are likely to launch.

The ABC PatentEdgeTM report, which is prepared by IP Checkups of Berkeley, California, in collaboration with a number of other NAATBatt member firms, also includes an in-depth analysis of patent activity in a different sector of the advanced battery and capacitor market each quarter.  The current report analyzes patent activity related to battery modules.

In the battery module area in 2Q 2015, ABC PatentEdgeTM reports that LG Chem has grabbed the lead in patents applied for over Samsung, though Samsung still enjoys a comfortable lead in overall patents applied for in the advanced battery and capacitor area generally.  The principal area of interest of both LG Chem and Samsung in battery modules appears to be frames/modules, with over half of LG Chem’s patent applications identifying inventions in that area.

The surprise winner of the number three slot for most patents filed on battery module-related inventions was Ford Motor Company.  Although the number of patent applications filed by Ford in advanced batteries and ultracapacitors generally was barely 20% the number of those filed by Samsung, within the subsector of battery modules Ford filed 42 applications versus 62 for Samsung.  Moreover, the focus of Ford’s patent efforts was sensor leads, where Ford employees filed almost twice as many applications (30) as Samsung (16).  In addition, this past quarter two Ford employees, Ming Lang Kuang and Ryan Abraham Mcgee, made it onto the list of the top ten most prolific inventors in the advanced battery and ultracapacitor area.

ABC PatentEdgeTM makes for an interesting read each quarter and, for those who know how to use it, a valuable and insightful business tool.  Summaries of the ABC PatentEdgeTM reports are available for free to NAATBatt member firms as part of NAATBatt’s goal of providing its members with actionable market intelligence in the advanced battery and capacitor space.

NAATBatt members should seek out the new ABC PatentEdgeTM report under the Publications tab at the top of the NAATBatt’s home page.  If your employer is not yet a NAATBatt member, maybe it is time that you joined so that you can read it too?