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Disclaimer: As a resource to its members and program attendees, NAATBatt is pleased to provide access to copies of the presentations made at its annual meetings, workshops and other programs. The following materials have not been reviewed or verified by NAATBatt International and represent the opinions and findings of the authors and companies that have provided them only.

Primus Power: Choosing the Best Battery

By Tom Stepien, Primus Power

Gridtential: Silicon Joule Technology advances the lead-acid battery into the 21st Century

By Christiaan Beekhuis, CEO, Gridtential Energy, Inc.

TeamTechnik: Leading in Innovative Production Technology

Presented by TeamTechnik


Department of Energy/Sandia National Labs Energy Storage Program: Member Update

By Daniel Borneo, P.E., Sandia National Laboratories

S&C Electric Company: Member Update

By Jake Edie, S&C Electric Company

Maxwell Technologies: Analysis of Energy Storage Technologies for Hybrid Buses

By R. Shaw Lynds, Maxwell Technologies

Manz AG: Cost Trends – A Continuation

Presented by Manz AG

Ideal Power: Member Update

By John Merritt, Director of Applications Engineering, Ideal Power

Ioxus: Company Overview

By Jeff Colton, Ioxus

EES – Electrical Energy Storage: International Exhibition Series for Batteries, Energy Storage Systems and Innovative Production

Presented by EES – Electrical Energy Storage