Member Presentations

Disclaimer: The presentations below represent the opinions of the authors that have submitted them and have not been reviewed or verified by NAATBatt International.  Questions about presentations should be directed to their authors.

Amperex Technology Limited: Member Update

Presented by Amperex Technology Limited

Dreamweaver: The lowest cost, highest performance battery separators in the world

Presented by Dreamweaver

Bitrode: Energy Storage Solutions

By John E. Grimm, Director of Sales, Sovema Power Electronics

Beckett Energy Systems: Member Update

Presented by Beckett Energy Systems

Yunasko Ultracapacitors: Licensing the Leading Ultracapacitors Technology

Presented by Yunasko Ultracapacitors

Eguana Technologies: Company Overview

By Brent Harris, Chief Technology Officer, Eguana Technologies

XG Sciences: Company Overview

Presented by XG Sciences

Worcester Polytechnic Institute: Li-ion Battery Recycling

By Dr. Eric Gratz and Prof. Yan Wang, Worcester Polytechnic Institute

Voltaiq: Energy Storage Analytics

Presented by Voltaiq

Urban Electric Power: Executive Presentation

By Ann Marie Scuderi, Urban Electric Power