Bob Galyen
CATL and NAATBatt International
Opening Remarks of Recycling Workshop
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Todd Coy
Retriev Technologies
Challenges of Recycling Advanced Battery Waste Streams
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Yan Wang
Battery Resourcers LLC

A Close Loop Lithium Ion Battery Recycling Process
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Linda Gaines
Argonne National Laboratory

LI-ION Battery Recycling: Using Lifecycle Analysis to Avoid Roadblocks
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Phil Gorney
National Highway Traffic Safety Administration

Stranded Energy
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Michael Slater
Farasis Energy, Inc.

Considerations in Development of Direct Recycling Methods for Li-ion Cell
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Norman Chow
Kemetco Research

American Manganese Cathode Recycling Technology
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Steve Pledger
Metal Conversion Technologies, LLC

Quantifying the Advanced Battery Recycling Challenge and Market Opportunity
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Mark Caffarey

Battery recycling in the EU
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Brittany Westlake
Electric Power Research Institute

The Utility Perspective on Recycling Energy Storage Systems
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Yu Haijun (Hagel Yu)
Brunp Group

Recycling Energy Materials in China
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Colin Pelletier
RSR Technologies

SAE Battery Recycling Committee: Battery Recycling Approaches for the 21st Century
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John Kincaide
We Recycle Batteries

Cost of Neglect E-Scrap Nightmare
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Richard Courson
U.S. Department of Commerce
The Strategic Case for Recycling Energy Materials
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Steve Sloop
OnTo Technology
Advances in Direct Recycling of Li-Ion Batteries
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