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Military Batteries Workshop

NAATBatt-MPSC Workshop on Military Batteries

NAATBatt-MPSC Workshop on Military Batteries

Tuesday, February 11, 2020
This half-day workshop organized by NAATBatt and the Military Power Sources Committee examines the types of and applications for energy storage technology in which the U.S. Department of Defense has an interest and how domestic producers of advanced batteries and battery systems can best do business with the DOD and the military services.  The workshop will also examine the issue of what the DOD can do to ensure a reliable and cost-effective supply of domestically manufactured lithium-ion battery cells for the U.S. armed forces.

2020 Workshop on Military Batteries Agenda

Tuesday, February 11, 2020

7:30 – 8:00 a.m.

Breakfast and Registration

8:00 – 8:10 a.m.

Welcome Remarks

8:10 – 8:30 a.m.

Overview of DOD Battery Needs

8:30 – 9:30 a.m.

Anticipated Battery Needs of the Military Services

9:30 – 9:50 a.m.

R&D Interests of the Military Services

9:50 – 10:10 a.m.

How to Do Business with the DOD

10:10 – 10:30 a.m.

Coffee Break

10:30 – 11:50 a.m.

Issues and Potential Solutions for Domestic Production of Lithium-Ion Cells

10:50 – 12:00 a.m.

Concluding Remarks

12:00 – 1:00 p.m.

Lunch for Workshop Speakers and Attendees

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2020 Featured Speakers

Dr. Imre Gyuk
U.S. DOE, Office of Electricity
Randy A. Moore
ZAF Energy Systems, Inc.
Dr. John Warner
Warner Energy Consulting LLC
Bob Gaylen