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Use User Fees to Fund Vehicle Electrification

The principal barrier to the development of electric drive in the United States is not technology, it is finance.  American scientists and auto companies invented the modern electric vehicle.  But in the race to deploy electric vehicles and manufacture the lithium-ion batteries that power them, the United States lags behind.

According to Bloomberg New Energy Finance, […]

The Evolution of the Electric Car

About 10 years ago, I was sitting in a not very impressive conference room at Tesla Motors in Freemont, California.  I was making my rounds of the major battery companies in the United States to explain to them the idea behind NAATBatt.  Tesla had just started, or was about to start, the production of its […]

Zinc Battery Workshop Examines a Possible Competitor to Lithium-ion Technology

The NAATBatt Workshop on Zinc Battery Technology in New York City concluded on Friday, November 16.  Informal reviews from among the 100+ attendees indicate that it might have been NAATBatt’s best program yet.  Significantly, the Workshop was the first program that NAATBatt has ever sold out in its 10-year history.  That should tell you something, […]

Workshop on Zinc-Based Batteries to Explore An Alternative to Lithium-Ion Technology

On Friday, November 16, NAATBatt International, in partnership with Sandia National Laboratories and Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, will hold a special Workshop on Zinc Battery Technology in Stationary Energy Storage Applications.

The main purpose of the workshop is to highlight the potential of another offshoot of advanced battery technology—zinc-based battery technology—that has been overlooked by many […]

Fire Drill! Battery Industry Dodges a Bullet in Proposed Changes to the International Fire Code

Last weekend, the advanced battery and electric drive industries dodged a bullet in Columbus, Ohio when a proposed amendment to the International Fire Code, F18-18, was not immediately approved.  F18-18 will, however, soon be reconsidered.  Public comments on F18-18 are due to the International Code Commission by July 16, 2018.

F18-18 takes aim at “Used and […]

The 2017 Advanced Battery & Capacitor PatentEdge© Report is Now Available

I am pleased to announce that the Advanced Battery & Capacitor PatentEdge© report for 2017 has now been posted.

The ABC PatentEdge© report, produced by IP Checkups in cooperation with NAATBatt, summarizes worldwide patent filings for inventions relating to advanced battery and capacitor technology.

The 2017 report documents a modest rise in the number of patents filed […]

Advanced Battery Systems 101 Course Is a Great Success

Last year, the board of directors of NAATBatt International decided that, in furtherance of its organizational mission to promote advanced battery manufacturing in North America, NAATBatt would offer a series of courses to provide executives new to the industry and others interested in batteries with a basic primer on battery technology.  The initial course, titled […]

NAATBatt Offers the First General Battery Education Course for the Advanced Battery Industry

Next month NAATBatt will launch the first in what it hopes will be a series of education programs for persons new to the battery industry or just interested in learning more about advanced battery technology.  As the popularity of advanced battery technology has grown over the past few years, more newcomers are entering the industry than […]

NAATBatt Revises Its Mission

NAATBatt International has a storied history.  Founded in 2007 as a manufacturing cooperative dedicated to ensuring that the advanced lithium-ion batteries that power electric vehicles would be developed and manufactured in the United States, NAATBatt has evolved continuously in order to stay relevant to the battery industry and to provide the best value to its members. […]

Trump, the Paris Accord and the Future of Renewable Energy In the United States

Yesterday, President Donald Trump announced that he was withdrawing the United States from the Paris climate accord.  As it happened, I heard the news while at a restaurant following a day at the Intersolar-ees conference in Munich, Germany.  At the next table sat a group of 10-12 Europeans and Chinese, who had also been attending […]

Energy Storage Enables Transformation

Guest Author:  Anissa Dehamna, Principal Research Analyst, Navigant Research

Energy storage is a transformational technology. It converts electricity from a perishable good into a flexible resource. It changes the grid from a unidirectional power system to a dynamic network, and it is transforming how we produce, procure, and deliver energy. Storage does this by creating give […]

The Coming Battery Gap

Advanced battery technology is one of the critical technologies that will shape the 21st Century.  The ability to provide untethered electric power is an essential condition for advances in drones, robotics, light and heavy vehicles, consumer electronics, telecommunications, the Internet of Things, implantable medical devices and a host of other new technology systems.  Businesses will […]

Vehicle Electrification Is Charging Ahead Again

Low gasoline prices, falling sales of EV’s in 2015, a new U.S. President who does not believe in climate change.  In light of these factors observers can be forgiven for thinking that any significant penetration by electric vehicles (xEV) of the light vehicle market is decades away at best.

But a funny thing has been happening […]

Federal Battery Technology Licensing Forum to Headline NAATBatt 2017

For the past 20 years or more, the U.S. government has invested heavily in the development of advanced battery technology through a variety of agencies, departments and national laboratories. While many bemoan the loss of manufacturing batteries based on those technologies to companies located outside the United States, it is undisputed that the United States […]

NAATBatt Workshop Explores the Drivers, Challenges and Opportunities of Advanced Battery Recycling

According to Bloomberg New Energy Finance, more than 95 GWh of used batteries will be extracted from hybrid and electric vehicles by 2025. Retiring ESS systems will add substantially to this lithium-ion battery waste.  This huge waste stream of potentially hazardous but also potentially valuable energy materials, such as cobalt, nickel, lithium and reformulated cathode […]

Advanced Batteries and Electric Drive on the Morning After

The advanced battery industry in the United States woke this morning to a new and unsettling reality.  After a decade or more of federal support for electric drive and advanced battery technology, it is unclear to what extent, if any, the next Administration and Congress will support efforts to break the U.S. vehicle fleet’s dependence […]

Advanced Battery Weekly 8/19/2016


August 19, 2016
Vol. 7, No. 34

NAATBatt Member News
The NAATBatt Advanced Battery Recycling Policy Committee will hold its organizational meeting in the Amethyst Room of the Suburban Collection Showcase in Novi, Michigan on Thursday, September 15, 2016, at 11:00 a.m. EDT (during The Battery Show). The mission of the Committee is to coordinate an industry response to calls […]

The Case for Recycling High Voltage Advanced Batteries

The recycling of high voltage advanced batteries used in automotive, industrial and stationary energy storage (ESS) applications has long been a regular topic of conversation in the battery industry. The topic is a challenging one because, unlike recycling lead-acid batteries, which produces a waste stream of valuable and resalable lead, recycling advanced batteries based on lithium-ion, nickel […]