Primus Power: Choosing the Best Battery

By Tom Stepien, Primus Power

Gridtential: Silicon Joule Technology advances the lead-acid battery into the 21st Century

By Christiaan Beekhuis, CEO, Gridtential Energy, Inc.

TeamTechnik: Leading in Innovative Production Technology

Presented by TeamTechnik


Department of Energy/Sandia National Labs Energy Storage Program: Member Update

By Daniel Borneo, P.E., Sandia National Laboratories

S&C Electric Company: Member Update

By Jake Edie, S&C Electric Company

Maxwell Technologies: Analysis of Energy Storage Technologies for Hybrid Buses

By R. Shaw Lynds, Maxwell Technologies

Manz AG: Cost Trends – A Continuation

Presented by Manz AG

Ideal Power: Member Update

By John Merritt, Director of Applications Engineering, Ideal Power

Ioxus: Company Overview

By Jeff Colton, Ioxus

EES – Electrical Energy Storage: International Exhibition Series for Batteries, Energy Storage Systems and Innovative Production

Presented by EES – Electrical Energy Storage

EnerSys: Member Update

Presented by EnerSys

Focus Graphite: Battery-Ready Natural Graphite

By Donald Baxter, P.Eng., President and COO, Focus Graphite

Electric Applications Incorporated: Member Update

By Donald Karner, President, Electric Applications Incorporated

Duke Energy: Energy Storage Update

By Thomas Golden, Technology Development Manager, Duke Energy

DNV GL: Energy Storage Testing and Advisory Services

Presented by DNV-GL

CSA Group: Member Update

By Jim Green, Manager, Global Energy Storage, CSA Group

B&W Megtec: Member Update

Presented by B&W Megtec

Bruckner: Evapore® A New Battery Separator Film

By Karl Zimmermann, Bruckner

Digatron Power Electronics: Member Update

Presented by Digatron Power Electronics

Crown Battery: Corporate Overview

Presented by Crown Battery

Amperex Technology Limited: Member Update

Presented by Amperex Technology Limited

Dreamweaver: The lowest cost, highest performance battery separators in the world

Presented by Dreamweaver

Bitrode: Energy Storage Solutions

By John E. Grimm, Director of Sales, Sovema Power Electronics

Beckett Energy Systems: Member Update

Presented by Beckett Energy Systems

Yunasko Ultracapacitors: Licensing the Leading Ultracapacitors Technology

Presented by Yunasko Ultracapacitors

Eguana Technologies: Company Overview

By Brent Harris, Chief Technology Officer, Eguana Technologies

XG Sciences: Company Overview

Presented by XG Sciences

Worcester Polytechnic Institute: Li-ion Battery Recycling

By Dr. Eric Gratz and Prof. Yan Wang, Worcester Polytechnic Institute

Voltaiq: Energy Storage Analytics

Presented by Voltaiq

Urban Electric Power: Executive Presentation

By Ann Marie Scuderi, Urban Electric Power

University of California – San Diego: Energy Storage Research

By William V. Torre, Center for Energy Research, University of California – San Diego

Stria Lithium: A New Process for Green Technology Lithium

By Gary Economo, CEO & Co-Founder, and Julien Davy, President & COO, Stria Lithium

SiNode Systems: Company Overview

By Samir Mayekar, Co-Founder & CEO, SiNode Systems

Rebling Power Connectors: Company Overview

Presented by Rebling Power Connectors

NOHMs Technologies, Inc.: Lightweight Lithium Sulfur Batteries for Defense and Aircraft

By Nathan Ball, CDO, NOHMs Technologies, Inc.

NOHMs Technologies, Inc.: Ionic Liquid Electrolytes for Lithium Ion Batteries

By Nathan Ball, CDO, NOHMs Technologies, Inc.

NETenergy: Intelligent thermal storage

By Said Al-Hallaj and Mike Pintar

Kozawa Battery Group: Lead Acid Battery Life

By Ralph Brodd

Envia Systems: Company Overview

By Michael Sinkula, Co-Founder, Envia Systems

Earl Energy: Emerging Technology Presentation

Presented by Earl Energy

BESSTech: Thin-film Silicon-based anodes for Li-ion Batteries

By Fernando Gómez-Baquero, CEO, BESSTech

1Energy Systems: Company Overview

Presented by 1Energy Systems

National Transportation Safety Board: 787 Battery Investigation

By Robert Swaim, Airworthiness Group Co-Chairman, NTSB and Thomas Chapin, Vice President, UL

Joint Center for Energy Storage Research: Overview and Research Highlights

By Lynn Trahey, Scientist, JCESR, Argonne National Laboratory

Primus Power: What’s New in Flow Batteries?

By Tom Stepien, Primus Power

GreenCharge Networks: Energy Storage Market

By Steve Kelley, Senior Vice President, GreenCharge Networks

Battery Mineral Intelligence: Battery Raw Materials – Cost Trends in Lithium-ion Components

By Simon Moores, Benchmark Mineral Intelligence, UK

UniEnergy Technologies: Industrial Batteries for Utilities, Microgrids & Renewables

By Rick Winter

Boston Power: Lithium-Ion Battery Cost Trends

By Rick Chamberlain, Boston Power

GTM Research: The Market Opportunity for Storage in Light of the Explosive Growth of Solar PV

By Ravi Manghani, Senior Analyst, Energy Storage, GTM Research

Fluidic Energy: A History of Firsts

Presented by Fluidic Energy

Redflow: Approach to Modular Flow Batteries

By Mike Giulianini, PhD, Redflow

Manz AG: Lithium Battery Cell Assembly – Cost Trends

By John Dispennette, Manz AG

Department of Energy: Completing ARRA, Launching a State Initiative, and Providing Tools

By Imre Gyuk, Program Manager Energy Storage Research, DOE

What’s New in Materials: A Peek under the hood of Ultracapacitors for automotive

Panelists: Jeff Colton, Ioxus;  Steve Lipka, University of Kentucky; Shaw Lynds, Maxwell Technologies

The Thin Film Battery Revolution Panel

Moderated by Anand Kamannavar

Department of Energy: Fireside Chat – The Future of Lithium Batteries

By Stan Whittingham, Mike Thackeray and Khal Amine