Each year, as part of its annual meeting, NAATBatt International tries to identify and invite to its annual meeting 10 early stage companies developing new technologies or products related to advanced batteries in order to make short presentations at the meeting.  These presentation, which this year will be made on Thursday, March 14, are called the Battery Technology Innovation Summit.

The purpose of the Summit is to provide a way for NAATBatt members to get a first look at new technologies that may be available for purchase or license.  The Summit also allows early the selected early stage companies to form relationships and partnerships with more established companies in the advanced battery industry.  Battery technology is notoriously difficult to finance through venture capital investment.  The Summit helps emerging companies find strategic partners within the industry.  An amazing number of transactions have resulted from the Summit at past NAATBatt annual meetings.

Following a several month long solicitation and application process, NAATBatt has invited the following 10 companies to make presentations at this year’s NAATBatt Battery Technology Innovation Summit:

EnZinc Inc.
Astrolabe Analytics
Salient Energy Inc.
Transthermal Heat Bridge
Johnson Battery Technologies
Tydrolyte LLC
Binghamton University SUNY

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