Advocate for Advanced Battery Technology in North America

NAATBatt International promotes the development and commercialization of electrochemical energy storage technology and the revitalization of advanced battery manufacturing in North America.

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Joining NAATBatt International is a great way to build relationships in an industry that will help shape the 21st Century. Vehicle technology, renewable energy, light aviation, maritime propulsion systems, robotics, weapons systems, medical devices, consumer electronics and the Internet of Things will all depend on electricity supplied by advanced battery technology.

Are you a part of the advanced battery industry, or do you just work in it?

Join us in Montreal on August 7-9 for an extraordinary workshop on recycling lithium batteries in Canada and the United States.


NAATBatt holds workshops and webinars on topics ranging from lithium-ion battery recycling to second life use of automotive lithium-ion batteries and more.

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Hosting corporate members of NAATBatt open their facilities to a tour by members and provide detailed presentations about capabilities and objectives.

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The NAATBatt annual meeting is the premier thought leadership conference for the advanced battery industry in North America, bringing leading industry executives together.

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Joern Tinnemeyer, EnerSys
Renata Arsenault , Ford Motor Co.
Bob Gaylen, Galyen Energy
David Klanecky, Cirba Solutions

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NAATBatt International is a not-for-profit trade associations of companies, associations and research institutions
working to develop, commercialize and manufacture advanced battery technology in North America

Statement Concerning Battery Claims

Battery technology is advancing rapidly. Many companies selling battery products or raising capital for battery-related ventures make claims about the performance, safety and/or economics of their proprietary technologies. NAATBatt International does not endorse, verify or confirm any such claims, whether such claims appear on a NAATBatt website, during a NAATBatt program or elsewhere in the marketplace. NAATBatt urges all purchasers and investors to exercise rigorous due diligence in connection with all battery technology-related claims.