NAATBatt will hold the NAATBatt Lithium Battery Recycling Workshop VII in Montreal, Quebec on August 7-9, 2024.  The workshop will be NAATBatt’s seventh annual look at the opportunities and challenges of creating circularity in the supply chain of lithium-based batteries.

Several factors will make the workshop unique.  First and foremost, the workshop will be the first conference that NAATBatt hosts in Canada.  The organizational mission of NAATBatt focuses on the North American advanced battery market.  So we are thrilled to have our Canadian friends more directly in NAATBatt programming.

The agenda for the workshop will address issues and challenges that are emerging and international in scope.  Coordinating regulatory recycling schemes between the U.S. and Canada will figure prominently in the program.  The impact of emerging carbon regulation in the EU and the possible regulation, or at least measuring, of carbon in North America on battery recycling and the sale of recycled materials will also receive attention.

The program will likely examine issues that have been percolating for several years in the battery recycling community, such as the viability of profitable LFP recycling and emerging technologies and new chemistries designed to lower the cost and environmental impact of lithium battery recycling.   The workshop will also cover efforts to make recycling, and the logistics involved in recycling, safer.

As usual, NAATBatt will work to maximize networking opportunities for NAATBatt members, and the exchange of pre-competitive market intelligence, at the workshop.  NAATBatt is considering how best to facilitate short member firm presentations as part of the workshop.  Following the debut of the Grip app at NAATBatt’s annual meeting last February in Carlsbad, NAATBatt also plans to use the Grip app again to help attendees communicate with each other and to set up meetings during the workshop.

Finally, NAATBatt will offer a special opportunity to members in connection with the workshop:  The opportunity to tour the Becancour industrial part outside Montreal on Friday, August 9, and to hear from Quebec economic development authorities about exactly how they went about designing an industrial park specifically targeted at lithium battery technology.  In the view of some, the Becancour project is the gold standard for battery manufacturing-centric industrial parks.  NAATBatt members that are looking for sites for their own development, or looking to established development locations in their own jurisdictions, are strongly encouraged to attend.

The final details of the NAATBatt Lithium Battery Recycling Workshop VII are still being finalized.  But the final details should be available on the NAATBatt website very soon.  Keep an eye on your e-mail and be prepared to act quickly, as certain events such as the dinner on August 7 in Old Montreal and the August 9 tour of Becancour will have limited availability and may sell out quickly.