Member Update Presentations Announced


NAATBatt 2022, the 13th annual meeting and conference of the NAATBatt International organization, will be held on February 7-10, 2022.  Notwithstanding Covid, registration numbers for the meeting are well in excess of what NAATBatt has seen for any past program.  The NAATBatt hotel block is already sold out and we are having to give serious consideration to closing registration for the entire program due to size limitations of the venue.  Just a few years ago, this situation would have seemed fanciful.  Watch out what you wish for. This week NAATBatt announced the scheduling of 109 Member Update Presentation talks during the [...]

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Looking Ahead to NAATBatt 2022


As NAATBatt members know, NAATBatt 2022, the thirteenth annual meeting and conference of the NAATBatt International organization, will be held at the Wigwam Resort in Litchfield Park (Phoenix), Arizona on February 7-10, 2022.  Details about the program can be seen here. The program of the meeting continues to develop.  Monday will be the golf and tennis tournaments and tournament dinner.  Tuesday will see meetings of the Battery Recycling Committee, the Manufacturing in North America Committee, the Second Life Battery Committee and the Zinc Battery Committee.  The program in chief will start on Tuesday with annual reports about the state of the [...]

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NAATBatt Publishes Database of the North American Lithium-Ion Supply Chain


On September 15, 2021, NAATBatt International released its database of companies active in the North American lithium-ion battery supply chain.  The database is the culmination of several months work by three NAATBatt committees—the Manufacturing in North America Committee, the Battery Recycling Committee and the Battery Markets Committee—and extensive work by a team at NREL working under contract with NAATBatt. The database can be seen at: https://www.nrel.gov/transportation/li-ion-battery-supply-chain-database.html. The database is the first attempt ever to identify every company in North America working in every aspect of the lithium-ion battery supply chain.  Assembling the database required identifying exactly what the critical sectors [...]

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Get Ready to See the Database


One of NAATBatt’s most significant accomplishments in 2021 will be the publication of the North American Lithium-Ion Battery Supply Chain Database.  The Database will provide a directory of all companies in North America that participate in any significant element of the lithium-ion battery supply chain and have a manufacturing facility or employ more than 10 people in North America.  A team at NREL led by Dr. Ahmad Pesaran is currently in the process of finalizing the Database. The first opportunity for members of NAATBatt to see the Database will be during the meeting of the Manufacturing in North America Committee at [...]

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NAATBatt Statement on the White House’s 100-Day Supply Chain Review for Large Capacity Batteries


NAATBatt International applauds the release of the White House's 100-Day Review under Executive Order 14017 of the domestic supply chain for large capacity batteries (see: https://www.whitehouse.gov/wp-content/uploads/2021/06/100-day-supply-chain-review-report.pdf).   The Review’s recommendations for building domestic demand for large capacity batteries, investing in the extraction and refining of energy materials, supporting private investment in cell and cell component manufacturing, encouraging battery recycling and doubling-down on next generation battery R&D are spot on.  If the federal government follows through on those recommendations with consistent, bipartisan action, U.S. companies and U.S. workers will be able to compete, and perhaps one day to lead the world, in [...]

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What to Expect at NAATBatt in 2021


NAATBatt International is looking forward to a busy and exciting 2021.  This year should see continued interest by the capital markets in advanced battery technology.  It should see renewed government interest in promoting the manufacture of advanced batteries in the United States.  And it should see continued growth of the electric transportation and stationary energy storage markets, which promise to be the largest consumers of advanced battery technology for the balance of the decade. Three things loom large at NAATBatt in 2021.  First is a study of the North American supply chain for lithium-ion battery technology.  Three NAATBatt committees--the North American [...]

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What Makes Certain Goods Strategic?


Interest in revitalizing U.S. manufacturing combined with COVID-19 supply chain disruptions is driving new action in Washington to support strategic industries and protect strategic supply chains.  The Wall Street Journal recently reported Intel’s offer to partner with the Pentagon in building a silicon chip foundry in the United States.  Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co. just announced plans to build a chip factory in Arizona based on unspecified incentives from the federal government.  NAATBatt believes that a federal initiative to support domestic manufacturing of lithium-ion batteries may soon be announced as well. While NAATBatt can be expected to endorse any initiative to [...]

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Time for NAATBatt 2.0?


Twelve years ago a group of U.S. businessmen and battery experts came together to create a consortium to make sure that American companies would be an important force in the global competition to dominate lithium-ion battery manufacturing. The founders named the consortium “NAATBatt”, at the time an acronym for National Alliance for Advanced Transportation Batteries. The idea behind NAATBatt was based on the SEMATECH consortium founded by leading companies in the American semi-conductor industry in the 1980’s. SEMATECH was to help U.S. semi-conductor manufacturers fight off competition from an aggressive Asian competitor, which was seeking at the time, perhaps by [...]

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Member Update Presentations to Headline NAATBatt 2020


NAATBatt 2020 will be held on February 10-13, 2020, in Pasadena, California.  It will be the 11th annual meeting of the NAATBatt International organization, which dates from 2008.  For all of those years I have struggled with the question of why NAATBatt should have an annual meeting at all? Trade shows are a big business.  You can go to a battery, electric drive or energy storage-focused trade show somewhere in the world just about every week if you want to.  Sophisticated media companies run most of those shows.  They run them well and make a lot of money by doing [...]

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The Fourth Decade of the Advanced Battery Era


Every New Year invites predictions about what the next year holds. One in every ten New Years invites predictions about the next decade. 2020 is one of those New Years. The 2020’s will mark the fourth decade of the advanced battery era, taking as its start the introduction of the first lithium-ion battery into commerce in 1991. The third decade ended on a high note, with the Nobel Committee finally recognizing the important role of Stan Whittingham, John Goodenough and Akira Yoshino in launching the era. The delayed recognition was fitting. It took the world a good three decades to [...]

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