On September 15, 2021, NAATBatt International released its database of companies active in the North American lithium-ion battery supply chain.  The database is the culmination of several months work by three NAATBatt committees—the Manufacturing in North America Committee, the Battery Recycling Committee and the Battery Markets Committee—and extensive work by a team at NREL working under contract with NAATBatt.

The database can be seen at: https://www.nrel.gov/transportation/li-ion-battery-supply-chain-database.html.

The database is the first attempt ever to identify every company in North America working in every aspect of the lithium-ion battery supply chain.  Assembling the database required identifying exactly what the critical sectors of that supply chain are and then identifying each company active in every one of those sectors.  This was no small task.  But the result is impressive.  The database should be a valuable resource for all NAATBatt members and for everyone who has an interest in building lithium-ion batteries in North America.

Assembling the database was very much a team effort.  NAATBatt’s Chief Technology Officer, Bob Galyen, oversaw the project.  He was aided by Dave Roberts, who acted as the secretary and tireless transcriber of numerous meetings.  Special thanks to the co-chairs of the three NAATBatt committees who led the effort:  Joern Tinnemeyer, Renata Arsenault, Jeff Yambrick, Peter Karlson, John Kincaide and John Warner, and to Pablo Valencia, who served on the project’s leadership committee.  And most importantly thanks to the great team at NREL, who have produced a sophisticated work product that will be a great help to all who hope to build a vibrant lithium-ion battery industry in North America:  Ahmad Pesaran, Vicky Putsche, Shriram Santhanagopalan and Maggie Mann.

The database will be an ongoing project at NAATBatt.  NAATBatt will work to update the database for as long as it has value to industry.  The future value and accuracy of the database will, however, depend upon new information provided from time to time by members of industry.  So please send any new or missing information that should be included in the database to: [email protected].  Information so submitted will be considered for inclusion in the updates.  This “crowdsourcing” of industry data should be a long-term benefit to all.  NAATBatt is honored to sponsor it.