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A Sobering Reminder of the Battery Safety Challenge


NAATBatt International was shaken by news of the fire and explosion last week at Arizona Public Service’s McMicken Energy Storage facility in Surprise, Arizona.  Four firefighters were hurt in the explosion, two of them seriously.  First and foremost our thoughts and prayers are with the injured and their families. The McMicken incident hit particularly close to home for NAATBatt.  A little more than five weeks ago, NAATBatt members toured the McMicken facility at the invitation of APS.  The facility appeared to be state-of-the-art and well-maintained.  It is hard to imagine what exactly went wrong. An investigation of the McMicken incident [...]

A Sobering Reminder of the Battery Safety Challenge2019-04-26T19:22:57-04:00

The U.S. Needs a Strategic Plan to Avoid an Energy Materials Shock


The push for vehicle electrification in the early part of the 21st Century initially came, not from concerns about climate change, but from concerns that the U.S. economy was becoming dangerously dependent upon a single natural resource (petroleum), the supply of which forces outside the United States could disrupt.  As vehicle electrification moves from theory to reality, it is important that the United States not repeat past mistakes and become dependent upon foreign supplies of strategic energy materials it does not control. Although scientists keep working on alternatives, the best judgment of those involved in advanced battery technology is that [...]

The U.S. Needs a Strategic Plan to Avoid an Energy Materials Shock2019-04-06T03:34:34-04:00
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