National Alliance for Advanced Technology Batteries

The National Alliance for Advanced Technology Batteries (“NAATBatt”) is a not-for-profit trade association of foreign and domestic corporations, associations and research institutions focused on the manufacture of large format advanced batteries for use in transportation and large scale energy storage applications in the United States. Members include advanced battery and electrode manufacturers, materials suppliers, vehicle makers, electric utilities, equipment vendors, service providers, universities and national laboratories.

NAATBatt’s core missions are to grow the North American market for products incorporating advanced energy storage technology and to reduce the cost of those products to U.S. consumers. The two missions are intimately related. NAATBatt believes that the high cost of electrochemical energy storage, compared to competing technologies, is the principal barrier to widespread adoption of large format advanced battery technology. NAATBatt supports the adoption of public policies and the development of new technologies and industrial standards that will reduce the price to consumers of large format advanced batteries and the products that use them.

NAATBatt provides a platform for battery manufacturers, advanced materials suppliers, vehicle makers, recharging solution providers and electric utilities to work together across industry boundries in order to address the challenges of large scale electrochemical energy storage. NAATBatt programs help advance energy storage technology and promote best practices among industry members. By providing better information about the North American market and networking opportunities for those companies that wish to serve it, NAATBatt helps make the advanced battery industry more efficient and more successful.

Electrochemical energy storage is the key to reducing America’s dependence on imported petroleum and to integrating large amounts of variable, renewable electricity onto the national power grid. NAATBatt members are dedicated to growing the market for large format advanced batteries and to reducing their cost. Storing the energy that will power the world.