The officers and members of NAATBatt International offer their heartiest congratulations to the three winners of the 2019 Nobel Prize in Chemistry: Prof. John B. Goodenough, Prof. Akira Yoshino, and the Chief Science Officer of NAATBatt International, Prof. M. Stanley Whittingham.  The 2019 prize recognizes Profs. Goodenough, Yoshino and Whittingham for their discovery and development of lithium-ion battery technology. This recognition is long overdue. The battery technology these gentlemen invented powers many of the devices that shape the modern world, from laptop computers to mobile phones, medical devices, industrial equipment and, increasingly, to vehicles and the electricity grid itself.  The world is in the midst of its second electricity revolution. Many, if not most, of the technologies that will make human life different in the 21st Century from what it was in the 20th Century will depend upon electric energy supplied independently from a fixed power grid. Lithium-ion technology was the first great leap in this electricity revolution.  From those of us who are charged with taking this revolution forward: thank you! We hope to be worthy in our own careers of the knowledge you have shared with us and of the high examples you have set.