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Employees of NAATBatt member organizations can volunteer for service on one or more standing NAATBatt industry committees. Each committee focuses on a discreet issue or supply chain element of the advanced battery industry. Committees generally meet by Zoom or Teams call on a monthly or bi-monthly basis. Click the applicable link below to join one or more of the existing committees, to be added to a committee roster and to receive future notices of committee meetings and activities.

Manufacturing in North America Committee

This committee studies issues relating to the development and manufacture of high capacity advanced batteries and their components in North America. The manufacture of lithium-based batteries and other types of advanced technology batteries in North America lags substantially behind other parts of the world. This committee focuses on the challenges of manufacturing the mid- and downstream supply chain components of advanced batteries, including battery packs, cells, cell components (i.e., separators, anodes and cathodes) and manufacturing equipment, in North America.

Current chairs: Renata Arsenault, Ford Motor Company
Jeff Yambrick, Energy Supply Developers
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Education Committee

This committee focuses on workforce development issues that impact or are expected to impact the manufacture and maintenance of high capacity advanced batteries and the devices that they power in North America. The committee studies skills gaps in the workforce and develops or recommends training programs and policies to address those gaps.

Current chairs: Vijay Dhar, New Energy Nexus
Bernie Kotlier, NECA-IBEW of California/Nevada
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Energy Materials Committee

This committee focuses on the mining, refining and conversion of raw materials into battery cell electrodes and components. Few companies in North America focus on this critical upstream portion of the advanced battery supply chain. The committee will examine efforts to build out this part of the supply chain in North America and technological and policy changes that might support that effort.

Current chairs: Andy Miller, Benchmark Minerals Intelligence
Michael Lew, NAATBatt International
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Recycling Committee

This committee focuses on the recycling of lithium-based batteries at the end of life into useful materials. The committee studies the technology, regulation and logistics of the battery recycling process for lithium-based batteries in North America and makes recommendations for policy changes that will support reductions in recycling costs, improvements in recycling safety and greater circularity of the advanced battery supply chain.

Current chairs: Renata Arsenault, Ford Motor Company
Todd Coy, Retriev
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Zinc Battery Committee

This committee focuses on the development and manufacture of zinc-based batteries for rechargeable, high capacity applications. The committee studies the market for zinc-based battery systems as an alternative to lithium-based systems and otherwise. The committee examines ways for zinc-based battery producers to publicize the advantages of their products and technological developments that may improve the market for zinc-based systems.

Current chairs: Randy Moore, ZAF Energy Systems
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Tracking and Tracing Committee

This committee focuses on the challenge of identifying the component origins, location and state of health of advanced batteries in commerce. The committee studies various technological and regulatory means for tracing and tracking advanced batteries with a view to enhancing ESG goals, supply chain security and consumer satisfaction.

Current chairs: Lauren Roman, Everledger
John Kincaide,
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Policy and Regulatory Committee

This committee studies a variety of regulatory issues that affect the manufacture and deployment of advanced battery technology in North America. The committee is divided into several working groups focusing, respectively, on environmental, products liability, general contracts and general regulatory matters. The committee also discusses on the advanced battery industry’s relationships with government entities and the promotion of advanced battery technology to the general public.

Current chairs: Robert Galyen, Galyen Energy
Jeff Yambrick, Energy Supply Developers
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Lithium Battery Safety Committee

This committee follows lithium battery safety issues and focuses on ways to make lithium batteries safer. The committee will discuss emerging lithium battery safety standards and regulations. It will examine new technologies can reduce the changes of thermal runaway and mitigate battery failures when they occur.

Current chairs: Brian Morin, Soteria Battery Innovation Group
Joe LoGrasso, Polaris
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Markets Committee

This committee examines emerging markets and use cases for advanced battery technology in commerce. The committee studies the requirements for advanced batteries for emerging downstream applications and shares pre-competitive information about opportunities for battery makers and battery component makers in the advanced battery market.

Current chairs: Joern Tinnemeyer, EnerSys
John Warner, American Battery Solutions
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Onshoring Battery Technology Committee

This committee assists and advises battery and battery materials companies located outside of North America in establishing manufacturing operations in the United States. Existing NAATBatt members can use the committee to identify and partner with new market entrants. NAATBatt welcomes foreign companies that wish to become members of the North American advanced battery community.

Current chairs: Andreas Bareid, QAD
Fred Lee, Kton
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Second Life Use Committee

This committee examines the technical, economic, regulatory and legal challenges involved in repurposing high capacity advanced batteries for second life use. The committee will explore optimal applications for second life batteries and discuss ways of making second life use of batteries more practical and economic. The committee also studies regulatory requirements applicable to those second life applications.

Current chairs: Don Karner, Electric Applications
John Kincaide,
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Use-Inspired Research Committee

This committee will provide advice about where research dollars can be invested on pre-competitive issues in advanced battery technology in order best to support the advanced battery industry in North America. The committee will provide a use-inspired perspective on battery research, based on actual challenges faced by private companies in the field, in order better to inform research funding decisions by government, universities, national laboratories and other institutions.

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