Battery Technology Innovation Summit

2019 NAATBatt Annual Meeting & Conference

Battery Technology Innovation Summit

Each year, as part of its annual meeting, NAATBatt International tries to identify and invite to its annual meeting 10 early stage companies developing new technologies or products related to advanced batteries in order to make short presentations at the meeting.  These presentation, which this year will be made on Thursday, March 14, are called the Battery Technology Innovation Summit.

The purpose of the Summit is to provide a way for NAATBatt members to get a first look at new technologies that may be available for purchase or license.  The Summit also allows early the selected early stage companies to form relationships and partnerships with more established companies in the advanced battery industry.  Battery technology is notoriously difficult to finance through venture capital investment.  The Summit helps emerging companies find strategic partners within the industry.  An amazing number of transactions have resulted from the Summit at past NAATBatt annual meetings.

Following a several month long solicitation and application process, NAATBatt has invited the following 10 companies to make presentations at this year’s NAATBatt Battery Technology Innovation Summit:

Astrolabe Analytics

Astrolabe Analytics provides a software solution for battery companies and their partners that enables their clients to efficiently use their battery data to make batteries that work better, longer, and more reliably using a suite of cloud computing, data management, and machine learning techniques.


BessTech is an electrode design and engineering venture based in Albany, New York with a mission to improve the battery systems manufactured by assemblers and OEMs, providing them with high-performing electrodes.

Binghampton University (SUNY)

A world-class institution, Binghamton University offers students a broad, interdisciplinary education with an international perspective and one of the most vibrant research programs in the nation.


EnZinc is on a mission to bring better batteries to market and has developed a new zinc anode, using technology developed by the US Naval Research Laboratory, that can be used in a family of batteries. The batteries using safe, plentiful zinc will have equivalent or better performance than Li-ion but at a cost more like lead-acid. Other solutions using zinc have sought additives or mechanical systems to extend the cycle life. EnZinc will offer the world’s first structural zinc electrode solution in the form of a 3D zinc metal micro-sponge. Perfect for both mobile and stationary applications, the EnZinc electrode will help realize the dream of a renewable, greener energy 21st century ecosystem.


Excellatron Solid State, LLC, a U.S. based technology company, is introducing innovative and enabling energy storage technology.  The batteries made possible by this new proprietary technology can be used in many applications and processes where other batteries would be inadequate.  With this capability, a new world of possibilities opens up for the use of power stored in Excellatron batteries.

Johnson Battery Technologies

Johnson Battery Technologies solve energy problems for the government and companies in a diverse range of industries. From the oil & gas industry to aerospace, defense and medical industries, we are able to create battery solutions for demanding applications with safe and valuable outcomes.


Membrion™  is at the forefront of some of the world’s most challenging problems: clean water, global electrification and human health. The emerging technologies designed to revolutionize these fields all depend on filtering charged molecules, called ions. The need for low cost/high performance ion filters has never been stronger or more urgent.


For decades, battery makers have focused on making products that maximize that amount of energy in a given mass and volume. They have been tremendously successful – their advances enabled the widespread adoption of consumer electronics and are starting to enable the adoption of electric vehicles. However, not all applications require batteries that are light and compact. Many applications require low-cost batteries that can be recharged thousands of time. These are the applications we focus on. We have made batteries that, while heavier and bulkier than lithium-ion, have a much longer service life while being completely safe. We built these batteries using inexpensive and abundant materials.

Zinc-ion batteries are the product of genuine technological breakthroughs. Our proprietary cathode materials store energy in zinc in a way that has never been commercialized before – we have made unique cathode materials that can actually incorporate zinc in their crystal lattice instead of just reacting on the surface. This allows our batteries to have relatively high energy density. It also allows us to use traditional battery designs that are compatible with standard manufacturing equipment. This means that our cheaper, safer, and longer-lasting battery can be made in existing battery factories around the world.


Tydrolyte is a novel, safe, and superior performing electrolyte solution for automotive, motive, and stationary storage lead battery manufacturers. Our innovative chemistry replaces toxic sulfuric acid in lead batteries, making this proven and trusted industry even safer and more sustainable. We are helping the lead battery evolve to meet the growing battery performance demands of modern applications.

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