Lithium Battery Recycling Workshop VII Agenda to Debut Soon


NAATBatt will hold the NAATBatt Lithium Battery Recycling Workshop VII in Montreal, Quebec on August 7-9, 2024.  The workshop will be NAATBatt’s seventh annual look at the opportunities and challenges of creating circularity in the supply chain of lithium-based batteries. Several factors will make the workshop unique.  First and foremost, the workshop will be the first conference that NAATBatt hosts in Canada.  The organizational mission of NAATBatt focuses on the North American advanced battery market.  So we are thrilled to have our Canadian friends more directly in NAATBatt programming. The agenda for the workshop will address issues and challenges that are [...]

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Li-Bridge and the Age of Electricity


Good morning and good afternoon to those of you around the world who are joining this program. Thank you to the U.S. Department of Energy and the Federal Consortium for Advanced Batteries for giving me the opportunity to speak with you today. The purpose of my talk is to introduce you to the Li-Bridge initiative. The Li-Bridge initiative is a public-private effort to develop a strategy for the United States to build a robust and sustainable lithium-ion battery industry and supply chain in North America. NAATBatt International, which I lead, together with our partner convening organizations, NY-BEST and New Energy Nexus, [...]

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Get Ready to See the Database


One of NAATBatt’s most significant accomplishments in 2021 will be the publication of the North American Lithium-Ion Battery Supply Chain Database.  The Database will provide a directory of all companies in North America that participate in any significant element of the lithium-ion battery supply chain and have a manufacturing facility or employ more than 10 people in North America.  A team at NREL led by Dr. Ahmad Pesaran is currently in the process of finalizing the Database. The first opportunity for members of NAATBatt to see the Database will be during the meeting of the Manufacturing in North America Committee at [...]

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Why Batteries are Important to America


Good afternoon.  My name is Jim Greenberger and I am the Executive Director and founder of NAATBatt International, the trade association for developers, manufacturers and users of advanced battery technology in North America.  Since 2008, NAATBatt’s mission has been to promote the manufacture of advanced batteries in the United States and the growth of the good American jobs that manufacturing will create.  Today, NAATBatt has 162 corporate and institutional members representing all elements of the advanced battery supply chain. I want to use my opening remarks to emphasize why battery technology is important to the United States.  In truth, it is [...]

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The Conundrum of the North American Lithium-Ion Battery Supply Chain


Electricity unattached to the grid will power the technologies that shape the 21st Century.  Unless and until fuel cells, green hydrogen and other electricity micro-generation technologies mature, advanced batteries, and in particular lithium-ion batteries, are likely to be the source of much of that power. Where those batteries are made and who makes them matters.  Ensuring adequate supplies of lithium-ion batteries will be an important national security issue.  Lithium-ion batteries are also an important tool in the fight to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.  But most importantly, lithium-ion batteries and the technologies they enable are likely to create substantial wealth and many [...]

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Time for NAATBatt 2.0?


Twelve years ago a group of U.S. businessmen and battery experts came together to create a consortium to make sure that American companies would be an important force in the global competition to dominate lithium-ion battery manufacturing. The founders named the consortium “NAATBatt”, at the time an acronym for National Alliance for Advanced Transportation Batteries. The idea behind NAATBatt was based on the SEMATECH consortium founded by leading companies in the American semi-conductor industry in the 1980’s. SEMATECH was to help U.S. semi-conductor manufacturers fight off competition from an aggressive Asian competitor, which was seeking at the time, perhaps by [...]

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